OPPO Partners with Pixelworks on Smartphone Displays

- January 13th, 2020

OPPO Group has signed a collaboration agreement to use Pixelworks’ visual processor to develop advanced display systems for smartphones.

Pixelworks (NASDAQ:PXLW) announced that OPPO Group has signed a multi-year collaboration agreement with the company to develop advanced display systems for smartphones, integrating the latest Pixelworks’ visual processor and software solutions.

As quoted in the press release:

The collaboration aims to push the boundaries of high refresh rate displays with key technologies from Pixelworks that enhance motion appearance, color depth and clarity of smartphone displays.

With Asia’s mobile operators investing $370 Billion in 5G through 2025 (one-half of that in China)1, all eyes will be on advanced displays, as 5G makes premium video and gaming experiences more widely accessible on smartphones and raises consumer expectations about visual quality in mobile devices. To meet this challenge, the agreement calls on the companies to closely cooperate in a wide range of activities related to display and visual processing, including integration and technical support, content optimization with cloud partners as well as long-term product roadmap collaboration.

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