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FANDOM’S Platform global launch is taking place at CES 2019 on January 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

FANDOM SPORTS Media (CSE:FDM, OTCQB:FDMSF, Frankfurt:TQ42) (“FANDOM SPORTS” or the “Company”).

Recent Highlights and Developments:

HHS Technology Group (“HHS Tech”) has completed its Sprint 12 and the Blockchain platform code freeze to IBM Cloud is scheduled for December 28, 2018. FANDOM’S Platform global launch is taking place at CES 2019 on January 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. HHS Tech CEO, Bradley White states his views about the created platform, “HHS Tech Group is a customer centric organization where Blockchain services are tailored for customer business needs.  FANDOM’s Platform is a built-to-own state of the art sports entertainment platform with distinct industry leading features like multi-tenancy, Blockchain secured app economy and FANCOIN treasury. The FANDOM Platform utilizes our expertise and data security caution from the healthcare sector that we tackle with IBM Blockchain solutions”.

FANDOM’s Platform will operate on IBM Cloud services, starting December 31, 2018. The Amazon cloud based 2015 blue-printed FanDom Sports iOS and Android apps will be taken offline on December 30, 2018. The Android App has successfully fulfilled its mission of collecting sports app and super fan behavioral data to assist the feature set and configuration on the Blockchain based sports entertainment platform.

The live sports application will be delivered by a full-service app development and digital agency, scheduled to launch in Q2, 2019.

FANDOM’s Esports initiative has continued to progress from product concept to technical sprint. The technical sprint kicks off on December 10, 2018 and will lead immediate resource allocation for product development.

FANDOM SPORTS seeks opportunities to connect with games, platforms, APIs, and mobile focused companies and is creating a best in class sector of games for esports teams and communities.

FANDOM SPORTS Oy mission:  “FANDOM eSPORTS team exists to allow gaming fans to connect with their esports passions and express their adoration for their teams and players. We facilitate a non-toxic player community and environment, rewarding die-hard fans for their vehemence. Together we celebrate the victories of our champions. PLAY. PREDICT. GET REWARDED.”

The search for FANDOM SPORTS Oy Studio Leader has started.

Upcoming Q4 milestones:

  • Sprint 12 completes the platform’s multi-tenancy and blockchain based FANCOIN treasury capability – now FANDOM SPORTS will accelerate global app development and release schedule.
  • Live sports global application internal release built for the North American four major sports has been merged into a global app release for better experience. One App – Global Reach – Lower Cost – Larger Audience. All positive attributes for the Company.
  • SLUSH 2018 Business Finland, FinTech Finland joint activities and recruitment of FANDOM eSPORTS team leader.
  • Esports Technical Sprint with digital agency and leading product innovation firm Konrad Group and design house Out Of Orbit.
  • CES 2019 Blockchain based sports entertainment platform launch in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Talk Trash teaser campaign leading up to and during the Super Bowl to build momentum for friendly user tester group for Q2 live sports app global launch for North American sports super fans.
  • Asia partnership dialed up for regional expansion.
  • Esports Advisory Board completed with strong FinTech coverage for token economies, and software development. Esports team management, IRL streaming and gamer expertise. Final advisory addition covers the legal expertise of the emerging new digital economy and its esports super heroes, the esports players.

Corporate structure updates:

  • FANDOM SPORTS has named New York based ​Blackwell Hollinger and Company LLC , seasoned executives turned management consultants, focused on strategic CFO and value creation consulting services including out sourced CFO duties for Planning, Executing & Communicating.
  • The FANDOM Platform is the registered intellectual property of FANDOM Media Group Inc., and which is to be used and further developed by both FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp., and FANDOM SPORTS Oy thus enabling both entities to host their own separate global applications.
  • FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp., develops, markets and operates the global live sports app, scheduled for release in Q2, 2019.
  • FANDOM SPORTS Oy will undertake the financing, development, marketing and operations of the global esports application as well as manage and operate the global technology platform under the Head Of Studio / CTO and the team.

Net cash balance:

  • Canadian $ 1.1 million

Outstanding Shares:

  • Common shares 138,408,336

Upcoming Warrants:

  • Canadian $0.10 outstanding amount  22,273,500
  • Canadian $0.15 outstanding amount    4,100,000
  • Canadian $0.20 outstanding amount  24,214,466

Outstanding Options

  • 10,980,000 options with total exercise value of Canadian $1.6 million


“Play. Predict. Get Rewarded.”

FANDOM SPORTS is an entertainment and gaming company “Hell Bent” on finding and creating the best interactive sports and esports content. FANDOM SPORTS allow super fans to unleash their primal sports passions by engaging with other fans, cheering for their favourite teams and players and jeering their opponents.

The FANDOM SPORTS app encourages users to unleash their primal sports passion by allowing fans to play, predict and get rewarded on real time sport and esports events. The Company’s 1-2-1 strategy is built-on a Blockchain Platform with two global apps and one FANCOIN economy for super fans to fight one another within an entertaining mobile application and to get rewarded for the action.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.FandomSports.net

For additional Information:

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Email: info@fandomsports.net

Tel: +1 (647) 236-4895


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