9 Top Technology Stocks on the TSX Venture 50

- December 4th, 2018

Investors looking for the best technology stocks should consult the TSX Venture 50 list. Here’s an overview of 2018’s list.

The TSX Venture Exchange’s TSX Venture 50 list is a good place for investors to start when searching for the best technology stocks to invest in.

Released every year, the list ranks the exchange’s strongest performers across five sectors: cleantech and life sciences, diversified industries, mining, oil and gas and, of course, technology.

Companies are chosen based on three equally weighted criteria: market cap growth, share price appreciation and trading volume. To help investors learn more about the best technology stocks, we’ve provided an overview of the nine companies on last year’s list. Here’s a closer look.

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1. Reliq Health Technologies (TSXV:RHT)

First on the list is Reliq Health Technologies, a company that develops software as a service (SAAS) for the community care market, which it claims is worth $30 billion. The company’s flagship platform is its iUGO Care Technology, which is aimed at patients who have complex chronic illnesses; this SAAS supports the facilitation of home care for this demographic.

In addition to home care, Reliq is positioned for long-term care as well, as it “supports caregiver workflows in residential long term care facilities, freeing up time to care, reducing inefficiencies, decreasing costs and improving patient and family satisfaction.” The company forecasts that the US eldercare market will reach $512.7 billion by 2020, making it an auspicious industry to target. Reliq also collects anonymous data that is available for purchase from governments and private insurers.

2. Identillect Technologies (TSXV:ID)

Identillect Technologies, a software development company that specializes in email security, also made the 2018 list. Its main product is called Delivery Trust, which offers email encryption to small- and medium-sized businesses. It offers Delivery Trust on a three-tiered subscription basis, and has add ins to work with Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 and others. The company’s target industries cover a wide base and include the real estate, medical, financial, accounting, education and resource sectors.

3. Millennial Esports (TSXV:GAME)

Millennial Esports is a game development company focused on eSports racing, and is looking to disrupt the eSports landscape by creating innovative, real-world experiences for its users. The company’s offerings include content publication, online and offline event hosting and data analytics, and it is also exploring opportunities in the blockchain space.

The company has several subsidiaries, including Eden Games, a French video game publisher know for launching Gear. Club.; IDEAS+CARS, an industry-specific  consulting firm; MillennialEsports.gg, an events offshoot of its parent company; and thE Arena, an eSports venue in Las Vegas.

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4. BTL Group (TSXV:BTL)

BTL Group is in the business of blockchain technology, offering blockchain solutions with a focus on companies in finance, energy and gaming. The company has offices in North America and in the UK, and aims to position itself at the top of the blockchain ecosystem.

BTL’s flagship service is called Interbit, which is “a platform of application services designed to help build, deploy, and promote applications.” Interbit uses several blockchains that can join together in order to improve the scalability, reliability and privacy requirements of enterprise firms.

5. NexOptic Technology (TSXV:NXO)

NexOptic Technology focuses on the area of optical and lens technology. The company’s Blade Optics technology is a suite of lens designs, patented algorithms and mechanics all focused on increasing aperture sizes, compactness and manufacturability.

The company has also developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology to work with its Blade Optics technology. The AI is used to enhance image quality for issues like low lighting. The company acquired Spectrum Optix in 2017, adding to its footprint in the space. Adding to that are its works in progress, including its telescope, mobile lens and sport optics projects.

6. AnalytixInsight (TSXV:ALY)

Next on the list is AnalytixInsight, a Canadian firm that describes itself as an AI company that synthesizes data into applicable and practical knowledge. AnalytixInsight has a few subsidiaries, including Capital Cube, a financial AI app for stocks and exchange-traded funds; Market Wall, a fintech company that develops software solutions for smart devices; and Euclides Technologies, which is focused on workforce optimization and management for global corporations.

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7. Edgewater Wireless Systems (TSX:YFI)

Edgewater Wireless Systems is focused on innovating and developing technologies and concepts for the communications market. The company boasts more than 20 patented WiFi infrastructure technologies in its portfolio. Edgewater provides these technologies to commercial wireless service providers, and claims that it aims to revolutionize WiFi infrastructure. It says its WiFi3 will have greater performance, security and flexibility, all while giving 50 times more throughput than current technologies.

8. Siyata Mobile (TSXV:SIM)

Calling itself a pioneer in its industry, Siyata Mobile is a company that develops and provides cellular communications systems. The company’s target demographic is enterprise firms, and providing company vehicle fleets with interconnected vehicle products in particular.

It currently has several devices that form a communications system, including Uniden UV350, Uniden CP250 and Uniden UR7. Uniden UV350 is a vehicle communicator that can be used for logistics and connecting warehousing, to name a few. It serves the oil and gas industry, school buses, service delivery vehicles and more, making the company’s market quite broad but still niche.

9. Photon Control (TSXV:PHO)

Rounding out the list is Photon Control, a company that designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of optical sensors and instruments to measure temperature, pressure, position and flow. It performs design and manufacturing for the world’s largest wafer fabrication equipment original equipment manufacturers.

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