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At the Extraordinary Future 2017 Conference, the Investing News Network had the opportunity to speak with Nick DInsmoor, VP of Strategy and Marketing at VirtualArmour.

At this year’s inaugural Extraordinary Future Conference 2017 hosted by Cambridge House, it goes without saying that cybersecurity was one of the most exciting topics of the day.
Held on September 20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre East, the Extraordinary Future Conference provided the opportunity for investors and attendees to interact and speak with companies presenting in addition to attending speaker hall presentations. In that regard, the Investing News Network (INN) had the opportunity to speak with Nick Dinsmoor, vice president of strategy and marketing at VirtualArmour (CSE:VAI).
In our interview, Dinsmoor spoke of the company’s upgrade to its CloudCastr portal, how it differs from other cybersecurity products, what investors have had to say about the product, the importance of all aspects of a business taking cybersecurity seriously, and what the company is excited about moving ahead in the cybersecurity world.
Below is a transcript of the conversation. To watch the interview, please scroll to the top.

INN: The company announced September 20 its upgraded proprietary CloudCastr portal, which provides your customers with real-time 24/7 insight into protection. What is the most important thing investors should know about this product?
ND: That’s a great question. The most important thing investors should know about CloudCastr is it provides a differentiation from other cybersecurity companies that are out there. It allows our clients to really have access to see what’s happening in the network, and what we’re protecting on a daily, hourly, and by-minute basis.
INN: How does this product differ from other cybersecurity products out there?
ND: It really is unique to VirtualArmour. There are portals out there that some of our competition can provide. Our specific portal allows access and shows the wide breadth of all the services that VirtualArmour provides to the client in one centralized location.
INN: What kind of feedback have you heard from investors regarding the product?
ND: It’s been really good feedback. The CloudCastr has been the differentiator that investors have really kind of latched onto because it does allow us to provide a unique experience that is beyond what the competition has, and they see that as high value from an investment perspective.
INN: You’ve said that security is a business problem, not necessarily an IT problem. Why is it important for all aspects of a business to take security seriously as a whole?
ND: I think the Equifax breach speaks volumes of why it’s important that they look at it holistically. We really do focus on having a security culture and not just focusing on equipment and software. It really is focusing on the people as one of the catalysts to solve the problem.
INN: Finally, with the rising of cyberthreats and the growing need for cybersecurity, what is VirtualArmour most excited about going ahead?

ND: One thing we’re really excited about, frankly, is our growth and our ability to protect businesses, protect clients, their clients, and the reputations of businesses. It’s one of those things that’s horrible when these things happen, it’s even more satisfying for us when we can protect those businesses and see them growth with us.
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