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DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc., now doing business as DIGIMAX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (the “Company” or “DigiMax”) is pleased to announce that it has officially launched its Security Token Offering (“STO”) Consulting and Syndication Business on a world-wide basis.

DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions Inc., now doing business as DIGIMAX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (the “Company” or “DigiMax”) is pleased to announce that it has officially launched its Security Token Offering (“STO”) Consulting and Syndication Business on a world-wide basis. DigiMax can now offer access to a growing global network that as of this date spans 10 countries on 3 continents.

The global network consists of individuals, registered broker/dealers, and service businesses with decades of experience from conventional securities markets, utility tokens, and crypto advisory services. All participants in the network are either registered under the securities laws in the country of operation, or operate in a manner that is exempt from local securities regulation.
The Consulting Business allows DigiMax to help issuer clients prepare for an offering in the STO market. DigiMax can sharpen their business plan for the institutional investor market; assist with final valuations; assist with the design of a STO structure that will meet the expectations of institutional investors; and, prepare Investor Summaries that issuers can apply to communicate their offering in an effective manner.
Through the Syndication Business, DigiMax will give issuer clients access to a global team of independent distribution agents. Collectively the team will execute all elements of a successful STO offering including coordination with legal counsel, navigating local securities regulation, and distribution through a broad range of registered salespeople and broker/dealers.
At present, DigiMax acts as a business consultant and coordinator of service providers. Digimax is seeking registration as an Exempt Market Dealer in the Province of Ontario to facilitate certain proposed marketing activities in that jurisdiction, and to offer the full range of services through its mobile App soon to be called DigiMax Drop (formerly ICO Max).
DigiMax is also pleased to announce the creation of a GLOBAL ADVISORY BOARD. The Board consists of 16 individuals who are experienced with conventional securities markets, advising investor clients, advising issuer clients on utility tokens offerings, and/ or assisting with the creation and distribution of ICO’s. Each Board Member has built their own global network which collectively, creates a vast global community to which DigiMax has access.
A bio of each of our Advisory Board members can be found on our website at
The members, in alphabetical order of surname, include:
Hugh Austin – New York
Early Boykins – San Francisco
Mario Alberto Casiraghi – London & Italy
Casey Chen – Hong Kong
Timothy Enneking – San Diego
Joshua Galloway – Hong Kong
Minho Kang – Seoul
Per Lind – Bangkok
Ismail Malik – London
Dennis O’Neill – Chicago
Rafael Soultanov – San Francisco
Greg Thain – Monaco
Artem Tokariev – San Francisco & Moscow
Gideon Van Kessel – Miami & Netherlands
David Vas – Malta
Enzo Villani – Los Angeles & Italy
The Board also becomes an extension of DigiMax on a global basis whereby a two-way pipeline is formed between the Company and each Board Member to be able to collaborate on one another’s client projects that, in turn, improves the overall client service, and to maximize profitability of each party’s respective businesses.
About DigiMax
DigiMax (legally named DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions pending a name changed to be approved by Shareholders at the next Shareholder Meeting), is a Toronto, Canada based company designed to become a world leader in advising companies issuing Security Token Offerings (STO’s) on a 100% Regulatory Compliant basis, in any country around the world.
DigiMax is a Reporting Issuer in Ontario, Canada and has filed an application to become listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”).
DigiMax was formed by five partners, three of whom have vast experience in the crypto-currency and ICO industry and two of whom that have more than 40 years of combined experience raising capital through public companies and issuing of common shares. This partnership brings together all of the benefits and expediency of raising capital though the through tokens, with a team that has decades of experience raising capital in conventional securities markets. The result is a team that combines expertise from both the token, and the conventional public capital markets world.
Chris Carl
President & CEO
David Posner
Greg Limon

VP, Business Development
Telegram: Greg Limon

Stan Milc
VP, Global Marketing
Telegram: Stan Milcareks

Sergey Shilnov
Chief Technical Officer
Telegram: Sergey Shilnov

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