5 Top TSXV Stocks: Lion One Metals Gains on Mining Lease Receipt

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The TSXV gained steadily throughout Friday to pare morning losses, posting an overall gain for the week. Making up the top five gainers in the sector this week were Lion One Metals, Golden Dawn Minerals, Sennen Potash, GMV Minerals and Cypress Development.

The TSXV gained steadily throughout Friday to pare morning losses, posting an overall gain for the week. The market rose 1.87 percent on Friday and hit 681.43 to close the week.

Making up the top five gainers in the sector this week were Lion One Metals (TSXV:LIO), Golden Dawn Minerals (TSXV:GOM), Sennen Potash (TSXV:SN), GMV Minerals (TSXV:GMV) and Cypress Development (TSXV:CYP).

Lion One Metals 

On March 23, Lion One Metals announced the receipt of a Special Mining Lease for the Tuvatu gold project on the island of Viti Levu. This approval grants the company exclusive rights to extract gold from the project, and the company intends to proceed with development at the property soon.

The Tuvatu project is the main focus for the Canada-based development company, and the 21-year lease also grants access to an underexplored volcanic goldfield in the Tuvatu resource area. News of the lease drove Lion One’s share price up 45 percent, to $0.29.

Golden Dawn Minerals 

Junior resource exploration company Golden Dawn Minerals owns a portfolio of properties in British Columbia. The company’s share price reached $0.29 on Friday on a 45-percent weekly gain.

On March 26, Golden Dawn announced the completion of the purchase of the Amigo property, which contains six mineral claims. Moving forward, the company will engage in surface exploration and underground drilling to assess the property’s potential to provide mill feed for its May Mac processing facility.

Sennen Potash

The share price of Sennen Potash increased by 42.86 percent during the week to hit $0.50 on Friday. The company is based in Vancouver and is focused on the Monument potash project, which straddles Utah and Colorado. Sennen Potash owns a 70-percent interest in the property.

On March 24, the company announced a private placement to raise $3 million to fund continued work at Monument.

GMV Minerals

GMV minerals is focused on developing its wholly owned Mexican Hat gold project in Arizona. The project has inferred resources of 531,400 ounces of gold. Shares of GMV rose 30.3 percent and reached $0.22 this past week. The company did not release news to explain the rise.

Cypress Development

Cypress Development is focused on its Gunman zincsilver project in Nevada, but also holds the McKenzie Island gold property in Ontario near Goldcorp’s (TSX:G,NYSE:GG) Cochenour/Bruce Channel mine. The company’s share price ended the week at $0.12 after rising 26.67 percent. Cypress Development did not release any news this week to explain its gain.


Data for TSXV Top 5 articles is retrieved each Friday and reported on Monday. Only companies with a market capitalization greater than $10 million prior to the week’s gains are included.


(March 20, 2015)

5 Top TSXV Stocks: Potash Comes Out on Top

The TSX Venture Exchange climbed to 670.5 on Friday following a decline in the middle of the week. Much of that gain was spurred by potash producers.

Talks between China and potash suppliers drove interest in the commodity, which is used as a fertilizer for crops. Chinese import prices for the substance operate on annual contracts, and these generally set a benchmark for potash prices throughout the year. This week saw Belarus win the first contract of 2015.

While Bloomberg reported that the contract set prices below some expectations, the contract represents continued demand for potash in China, and two potash producers are represented in this week’s top five gainers on the TSX Venture.

Overall, EPM Mining Ventures (TSXV:EPK) was the week’s top gainer, followed by Golden Dawn Minerals (TSXV:GOM), Macusani Yellowcake (TSXV:YEL), Encanto Potash (TSXV:EPO) and Wealth Minerals (TSXV:WML).

EPM Mining Ventures

At 85.19 percent, EPM Mining Ventures posted the biggest weekly gain to close at $0.25. The company is currently developing a potash project located in Southwestern Utah. The project, which sits on the Sevier Playa, will yield sulfate of potash and other minerals through a solar evaporation process. The company did not release any news to explain the increase in share price.

Golden Dawn Minerals

Junior resource exploration company Golden Dawn Minerals is working on three projects located in British Columbia. All of the company’s projects are currently at the development stage, and have the potential to yield a variety of precious metals. Golden Dawn’s share price gained 33.33 percent to close at $0.20. The company did not issue news to explain the change.

Macusani Yellowcake

Canadian uranium exploration company Macusani Yellowcake explores several properties on the Macusani Plateau in Peru, and posted the week’s third-largest gain. Its share price rose 28.57 percent to reach $0.05. The company has not released news since it announced the acquisition of a new mineral concession containing surface uranium deposits in late February.

Encanto Potash 

Encanto Potash’s share price rose 25 percent to hit $0.08. The company is the sole owner of the Muskowekwan potash project in Saskatchewan, a solution mine that contains reserves that should last more than 50 years. It also holds stakes in three other potash projects dotted throughout Saskatchewan; they are all currently in development.

Wealth Minerals

Rounding out the list was Vancouver-based Wealth Minerals, an exploration company focused on properties in Mexico. The company’s share price climbed 22.22 percent to finish the week at $0.22. There was no news released this week to explain the rise.


Data for TSXV Top 5 articles is retrieved each Friday and reported on Monday. Only companies with a market capitalization greater than $10 million prior to the week’s gains are included.


(March 13, 2015)

4 Top TSXV Stocks: Alabama Graphite Takes Lead on Graphene News

The TSX Venture Exchange slipped this week to close at 664.6 points. There were bright spots amid the losses, however, and some stocks managed to rise above the decline.

Alabama Graphite (TSXV:ALP) was the week’s top gainer. It was followed by Rio Cristal Resources (TSXV:RCZ), Cypress Development and Focus Ventures (TSXV:FCV).

Alabama Graphite

The share price of Alabama Graphite reached $0.29 for a weekly gain of 70.59 percent. The company explores and develops flake graphite projects. Currently, it wholly owns the Coosa and Bama projects, both of which are in Alabama.

On March 12, the company announced the discovery of “natural graphene” at Coosa. The news raised eyebrows in large part because no other company has ever claimed to have found natural graphene. There has been little commentary from industry participants thus far, but Chris Berry of House Mountain Partners and the Disruptive Discoveries Journal has pointed out that it’s “not the graphene find that is really significant (we don’t yet know how prevalent it is in the deposit) — it’s the process used.”

Rio Cristal Resources

Rio Cristal Resources is an exploration company that develops gold, zinc and copper projects located in Peru. The Canadian company does not currently have any active projects. Its share price rose 57.14 percent this past week to hit $0.11, but company did not release news to explain the increase.

Cypress Development

Cypress Development’s share price grew to $0.14 for a 55.56-percent gain, though it has not released news since February.

The company is the sole owner of the Gunman zinc-silver project in Nevada, and owns the McKenzie Island gold project in Ontario. The McKenzie Island project is located near producing mines owned by Goldcorp, and further drilling planned for this spring at Gunman will explore promising areas discovered during surface sampling last year.

Focus Ventures

Canadian exploration company Focus Ventures develops Peru’s Bayovar 12 sedimentary phosphate resource. Bayovar 12 is currently owned by Juan Paulo Quay. On March 10, Focus Ventures announced an agreement to purchase 70 percent of Juan Paulo Quay. Focus Ventures’ share price rose 45.95 percent and reached $0.27.


(March 6, 2015)

5 Top TSXV Stocks: GMV Minerals Gains on Resource Estimate

The TSX Venture Exchange dropped throughout this week to close at 688.79 points. That’s an 8.13-percent weekly decline.

However, five resource companies defied that negative trend. Golden Dawn Minerals saw the biggest gain, followed by GMV Minerals, Pacific Wildcat Resources (TSXV:PAW), Macusani Yellowcake (TSXV:YEL) and Northern Graphite (TSXV:NGC).

Golden Dawn Minerals 

Golden Dawn Minerals posted the biggest gain this week, with its share price climbing 75 percent to close at $0.17. The company has stakes in a portfolio of properties throughout British Columbia, Canada, and is developing three gold and silver projects. The company did not share news to account for the change.

GMV Minerals 

GMV Minerals wholly owns the Mexican Hat project in Arizona. On March 3, it announced it has submitted an application to the Arizona State Land Department for further exploration. That followed the company’s release of a 531,400-inferred-ounce gold resource estimate for Mexican Hat. The company’s share price rose 66.67 percent to hit $0.23.

Pacific Wildcat Resources

Pacific Wildcat holds a 70-percent stake in the Mrima Hill niobium and rare earths project in Kenya, and holds a 21-year mining license on the project. The company’s share price rose to $0.04 for a gain of 33.33 percent during the past week. There was no news to explain the week’s gains.

Macusani Yellowcake

Fourth on the list was Macusani Yellowcake, which explores Peruvian uranium deposits. Macusani’s share price gained 25 percent to hit $0.05. Though the company did not release news to explain the change this week, it did acquire a new surface uranium mineral concession adjacent to its other properties near the end of February.

Northern Graphite

Finally, Northern Graphite’s share price gained 21.54 percent to finish at $0.79 for the week. The company holds the Bissett Creek graphite project in Ontario. There was no news to explain the week’s gains.

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