Hand Trenching and Sampling at Kootenay’s La Negra Yield “Consistent Silver Mineralization”

Kootenay Silver Inc. (TSXV:KTN) announced further results from six trenches from the strategic hand trenching and chip sampling program at its Mexico-based La Negra diatreme breccia prospect. It is located near the company’s Promontorio silver resource.

As quoted in the press release:

A total of 50 samples were taken in 3 meter intervals for 150 meters of trenches across the 6 trenches ranging from 21 to 30 meters in length. All trenches returned silver mineralization throughout their length. Results further augment previous assays from the program, indicating robust and consistent grades of widespread silver mineralization being present within the entire 100 by 400 meter core of the La Negra Diatreme Breccia.

Highlights include:

  • 98.9 gpt Ag over 21 meters in Trench 1
  • 59.1 gpt Ag over 21 meters in Trench 5
  • 42.1 gpt Ag over 27 meters in Trench 2
  • 39.2 gpt Ag over 30 meters in Trench 3
  • 33.5 gpt Ag over 30 meters in Trench 6
  • 16.1 gpt Ag over 21 meters in Trench 4

Click here to read the full Kootenay Silver Inc. (TSXV:KTN) press release.

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