Is it Platinum ETF’s Time to Shine

Gold prices have have strengthened in a weak global financial market in 2016, while platinum is currently at its lowest level relative to gold in 30 years.

As quoted in the news article:

The jump in gold prices was also supported by plunging interest rates on a global scale. Earlier this month, 10-year note yields dropped to 1.639%, the lowest level in the last three years. Meanwhile, government bond yields in Japan, Germany and the U.K. also touched record lows. With the Fed not expected to raise interest rates in the near term, the rally is expected to continue (read: Dovish Fed Trims U.S. Outlook: ETFs to Buy).

Is Platinum Overlooked?

As per a report by TheStreet, the price of platinum is currently at its lowest level relative to gold in 30 years. Platinum is currently trading at a discount of almost 30% as compared to gold. This is surprising considering it generally trades at a premium of 34% if we see the past 10 years’ data. While the popular gold ETF,SPDR Gold Shares (GLDETF report) , is up more than 20% this year, platinum ETF ETFS Physical Platinum Shares ETF (PPLTETF report) has not gained more than 9% so far this year as of June 17, 2016.

But history they say repeats itself and the appreciation of gold prices over platinum is not likely to be sustainable over the long run. It is widely expected that the relationship between platinum and gold will revert to the mean. This could happen in two ways – either platinum heads higher or gold falls.

However, with the global stock market flooded with bouts of volatility and uncertainty and an ultra-low interest rate, the rally in gold prices is likely to continue (read: Gold ETFs to Continue Their Bull Run: Here’s Why?).

Thus, it’s more likely that platinum prices will surge. This is also supported by the demand supply situation in the platinum market. Supply for the world’s third-most traded metal is expected to register a 5% fall this year, thanks to a decline in supply from South Africa, a major supplier of platinum, accounting for 70% of the global production.

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