Royal Coal Corp. Announces Advance Payments from Sandstorm Metals & Energy

- January 7th, 2011

Royal Coal Corp. (CVE:RDA) reports on royalty and coal purchase agreement with Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd. (CVE:SND).

Royal Coal Corp. (TSXV:RDA) reports on royalty and coal purchase agreement with Sandstorm Metals & Energy Ltd. (TSXV:SND).

The press release is quoted as saying:

Sandstorm Energy has:

  • advanced US$2 million of the US$11 million total upfront coal purchase payment committed to Royal Coal.
    • in accordance with the coal purchase agreement, the remaining US$9 million will be remitted upon completion of certain funding conditions which is expected by February 2011
  • completed the purchase for US$3 million of the 2.7% gross royalty on all of Royal Coal’s current assets (until Sandstorm Energy has been paid an aggregate amount of US$4.5 million, and thereafter a 1.35% gross royalty).

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