North Arrow Updates Ongoing Projects

- November 19th, 2018

North Arrow’s most advanced diamond project is the large diamond deposit, the Naujaat project.

North Arrow Minerals (TSXV:NAR) has released an update on its exploration projects in the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan, including new microdiamond results from the Loki diamond project in the Lac de Gras region of the Northwest Territories.

North Arrow’s most advanced diamond project is the large diamond deposit, the Naujaat Project.

As quoted from the press release:

Highlights of these programs include:

  • At Loki, caustic fusion analyses of 164.7 kg of kimberlite EG05 have returned 28 diamonds greater than the 0.106 mm sieve size and caustic fusion analyses of 40.9 kg of kimberlite 465, discovered in 2018, have returned a single diamond greater than the 0.150 mm sieve size;
  • At the LDG Joint Venture Diamond Project (NT), partner and joint venture operator Dominion Diamond Mines has reported completion of diamond and reverse circulation drilling programs and samples of the Big Blue kimberlite are currently undergoing kimberlite indicator mineral (KIM) characterization and microdiamond analyses;
  • Recent claim staking has increased the Pikoo Diamond Project (SK) area to over 39,000 ha, in advance of renewed till sampling in 2019.

Ken Armstrong, president and CEO of North Arrow stated, “Exploration drilling programs were completed during the 2018 field season at the Loki and LDG projects. This work was highlighted by North Arrow’s discovery of kimberlite 465 at Loki, the first publicly reported kimberlite discovery in the Lac de Gras region in over five years, demonstrating the potential for additional new discoveries in the area. Furthermore, recent claim staking has increased North Arrow’s Pikoo Diamond Project area in anticipation of renewed exploration in 2019. This work is part of our corporate strategy of evaluating a pipeline of prospective diamond properties in Canada and is in addition to the ongoing evaluation of newly discovered diamondiferous kimberlite at the Mel Project (NU) and detailed planning in advance of renewed bulk sampling work on the Q1-4 kimberlite at the Naujaat Project (NU). North Arrow is presently evaluating five Canadian projects known to host kimberlite, including four projects where the kimberlites are known to be significantly diamondiferous.”

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