UnionTown Energy Inc. Provides Update to Shareholders

- October 3rd, 2011

UnionTown Energy Inc. (OTC:UTOG) provided an update to shareholders.

UnionTown Energy Inc. (OTC:UTOG) provided an update to shareholders.

As quoted in the press release:

We are pleased to review our business activities to date for 2011 and share our progress on ongoing initiatives aimed at increasing shareholder value.

The past few months have been very positive operationally as our company has successfully advanced on its strategic plan and accomplished key growth goals, including the initiation of drilling programs at two of our properties, New Miami and Teton River. We were also extremely pleased to announce that oil had been discovered at both locations.

We are now in the process of bringing the New Miami #42-20H well into production and expect that it will begin generating revenues this financial quarter. This will be a monumental achievement given our status as a relatively new entrant in the marketplace.

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