Synodon Receives Canadian Patent for realSens™ Technology

- January 10th, 2013

Synodon Inc .(TSXV:SYD) announced that it has received a Canadian patent for its realSens™ technology.

Synodon Inc .(TSXV:SYD) announced that it has received a Canadian patent for its realSens™ technology.

As quoted in the press release:

realSens™ is an advanced gas remote sensing GFCR instrument that is mounted on a helicopter and pointed at the earth’s surface below. As the helicopter flies over an area of interest, the data collected by realSens™ allows us to identify whether or not a specific gas of interest is present. The novel solution that this Patent protects results in a very small and efficient GFCR optical system as well as significantly decreased measurement noise which in turn translates into the ability to detect smaller amounts of gas.

Synodon`s CEO, Adrian Banica, said:

We believe that this portfolio now secures all three aspects of our business, the technology implementation and its application to the pipeline leak detection market as well as a major part of the data analysis method. This patent also allows Synodon to potentially target, in the future, a number of new market opportunities for realSens™ either directly or through licensing.

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