EMC Metals Receives Positive Results from Summer Exploration Program at Tordal Property

EMC Metals Corp. (TSX:EMC) announced receiving results from its summer and fall field exploration program at its Tordal property, Norway. The Company reported positive assay results from the work carried out in 2012.

As quoted in the press release:


* Tordal 2012 assays of pegmatite rocks show presence of both scandium and REE’s,
* Best scandium assays exceed 1,600 ppm,
* Promising HREE assay results from pegmatites with gadolinite mineralization,
* Host rock mineralization points to higher grade scandium or HREE contents,
* 2012 summer exploration program mapped and sampled over 300 pegmatites,
* A total of 1,940 Niton XRF scandium readings were taken on whole rock samples, and
* Overall program results at Tordal very encouraging; warrant expanded exploration.

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