Anfield Resources Planning Additional Geophysical Survey at Binghampton Copper Queen

Anfield Resources Inc. (TSXV:ARY,OTCQB:ANLDF) announced results from the recently completed geophysical survey on portions of the Binghampton Copper Queen copper project. An additional geophysical survey is required and is currently being planned.

As quoted in the press release:

The overall quality of the CSAMT/MT data is considered good to very good. Both the 2013 and 2014 surveys have proven valuable, but due to the vastness of the BCQ project it is not possible to correlate the results. An additional geophysical survey is required and is currently being planned. Correlating the data is a top priority; therefore, the survey is scheduled to begin next week. The survey was focused on the Binghampton and Half Moon mines, where past production has occurred.

The Binghampton survey, consisting of one line of approximately 1000 feet (305 metres) with a 100 foot (30 metre) station spacing, identified 3 areas of interest:

the first area, a zone of lower resistivities, is apparent across the entire line from surface to depths around 100 feet (30 metres). This area is indicative of a weathered zone with increased clay content or oxide mineralization;
the second area, positioned beneath the near-surface low resistivities, is a somewhat continuous zone of higher resistivities from depths of about 400 to 700 feet (122 to 213 metres); and
the third area, positioned beneath the higher resistivities, is a zone of much lower resistivities that extend from depths of about 900 to 1300 feet (274 to 396 metres) and extend deeper from 1,250 to 1,650 feet (381 to 503 metres) towards the end of the line.

Anfield Resources CEO, Corey Dias, said:

The results of the survey are very encouraging, and we are looking forward to getting back to drilling at BCQ. Through both the acquisition of historical data and the recent completion of geophysical surveys, we have begun to identify several drill targets for the upcoming drill campaign. Furthermore, with the additionally-planned survey we will be able to better correlate the 2013 and 2014 results and create an even more comprehensive drilling program.

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