NuLife Announces New Pre-Clinical Trial

- August 15th, 2017

NuLife Sciences will begin a preclinical trial on the “NuLife Technique.”

NuLife Sciences (OTCQB:NULF) will begin a preclinical trial on the “NuLife Technique.”
As quoted in the press release:

The NuLife Technique, a means to potentially eliminate the need for organ or tissue matching between donor and recipient in organ transplants and the necessity for anti-rejection drugs after surgery.
The trial, commenced on August 8th at Florida International University, and will evaluate the NuLife process in an autologous setting, meaning an organ is removed from and transplanted back to the same donor. The objective of the study is to prove that the NuLife Technique is viable.
This first of a series of pre-clinical trials, a kidney will be removed from a pig, the NuLife Technique will be applied to the kidney, and it will be transplanted back into the original “donor” pig. Two weeks after the transplant, both kidneys (the control kidney left in the animal and the kidney that had the NuLife Process applied) will be histologically compared. Results from the trial will be published as a series, with findings presented as each step of the pre-clinical work is completed.

Click here to read the full press release.

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