IntelGenx Gets US Patent for Topical Oral Film Technology

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IntelGenx announced the US Patent and Trademark Office issued one for the company’s topical oral films.

IntelGenx (TSXV:IGX; OTCQX:IGXT) announced the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent for the company’s topical oral films for the treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa using mucoadhesive particles.
As quoted in the press release:

This proprietary technology is intended to provide sustained release of an active agent to a target area of the oral cavity and is useful for the topical treatment of oral diseases and conditions such as gingivitis, buccal ulcers, canker sores, Sjögren’s syndrome, oral mucositis and Behcet’s disease.
IntelGenx’ TOF has a unique mode of action. It facilitates the controlled release of an active agent to the buccal cavity and its transport through the oral mucosa, while avoiding the discomfort often associated with conventional long lasting mucoadhesive films or tablets. The controlled release of an active agent for local action in the buccal cavity is achieved by providing an oral film in which small sized mucoadhesive particles containing the active agent are dispersed in a disintegrating film matrix. Upon administration in the oral cavity, the film quickly disintegrates and releases the mucoadhesive particles which will bind to the oral mucosa. The active agent can be released from the mucoadhesive particles over a prolonged period of time as the mucoadhesive material slowly dissolves or erodes.
“This novel patented proprietary technology offers an easy to use and effective delivery system for the treatment of a variety of oral diseases” said Horst G. Zerbe, CEO of IntelGenx. “We are confident that IntelGenx’ expanding intellectual property estate, including this newly issued patent, will provide our products with long-term market exclusivity. This is particularly important as industry awareness and acceptance of our VersaFilm™ oral film technologies and manufacturing techniques continues to grow.”

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