Maricann Group Partners with International Cannabrands and Julian Marley to Bring JuJu Royal™ Products to Canada and Western Europe

- October 6th, 2017

Maricann Group Inc. (CSE:MARI) announced that it has partnered with Julian Marley and International Cannabrands Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of GEA Technologies Ltd. (CSE:JUJU.A), to cultivate and formulate JuJu Royal™ products.

Maricann Group Inc. (CSE:MARI) announced that it has partnered with Julian Marley and International Cannabrands Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of GEA Technologies Ltd. (CSE:JUJU.A), to cultivate and formulate JuJu Royal™ products.
As quoted in the press release:

Maricann will offer the premium JuJu Royal line to its existing medical patients starting on January 1st, with four of Julian’s designer strains of dry flower available for purchase.
Under the terms of the agreement, subject to meeting certain revenue targets, Maricann will have the exclusive right to cultivateextract and distribute in Canada the JuJu Royal line of products that are currently offered in the United States. The agreement is for a period of three years, following receipt of approval from Health Canada to sell the products. In addition, Maricann has a right of first refusal to distribute any JuJu Royal products in Europe.

Ben Ward, CEO of Maricann, commented:

We’re committed to producing all natural cannabis, marrying our vision for ‘A World of Good’ with Julian Marley to deliver a curated and unique experience to our patients, and soon, the broader market. JuJu Royal is an exclusive line of products currently offered in California and Colorado with carefully selected genetics, combined with solvent free extraction, delivering high-quality cannabis. We’re thrilled to offer this unique and quality differentiated experience to Canadians and Europeans (where legal).

Jeffrey Britz, chairman and CEO of International Cannabrands, said:

Maricann is exactly the type of strategic partner we are looking for. Their core value of quality and commitment to the wellness of their customers aligns exactly with ours. They currently serve thousands of patients in Canada and have a vision to develop cannabis markets worldwide. We believe Maricann is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the adult-use cannabis market in Canada and are excited they have chosen us.

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