Maple Leaf Green World (OTCQB:MGWFF,NEO:MGW) CEO Raymond Lai believes there are vast opportunities for cannabis companies tied to the growth of the North American markets.

In the interview below, Lai discusses the company’s facilities in BC, Nevada and California, the first of which will be completed within this year. Using its experience in eco-agriculture and greenhouse management, the company’s management team plans to position Maple Leaf Green World as a key cultivator for the medicinal and recreational cannabis markets.

Below is a transcript of our interview with Maple Leaf Green World CEO Raymond Lai. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: Please give our investor audience an overview of Maple Leaf.

Maple Leaf Green World CEO Raymond Lai: Maple Leaf Green World is a North American company concentrated on the cannabis sector. Our main focus is on providing cannabis-derived oil for medical use, as well as offering safe and high-quality cannabis for adult use. We have extensive greenhouse management experience, eco-agricultural knowledge and cultivation technology that can be applied directly to the production of high-quality cannabis products.

INN: How has Maple Leaf been developing its presence in the North American cannabis industry? Does the company have plans to expand to the international market?

RL: We currently have three projects which include Telkwa, BC; Henderson, Nevada; and Riverside County, California. Construction at our BC project will be completed before year end and our Nevada facility shortly thereafter. Upon completion, we will have over 47,000 square feet under roof. Immediately following, we plan to add 10 additional greenhouses to our property in California, giving us over 80,000 square feet under roof. Once these projects are completed, we will look to expand globally by exporting to countries where medical cannabis has been legalized.

INN: What is next for Maple Leaf and how does that fit into the company’s long-term plans?

RL: The completion of our projects in BC and Nevada will be a major milestone for us. This will enable us to begin cannabis cultivation and sales. Legalization of Canada’s recreational cannabis is set to occur in October of this year. This will not only open up a huge market for us, but it will also bring a lot of attention, legitimacy and advocacy to the medical benefits of cannabis. This is going to be a major industry and we have a lot of room to grow, both geographically and as a public company.

INN: Will the company’s primary focus be on medical or recreational cannabis?

RL: Maple Leaf’s primary focus is on medical cannabis to help patients achieve a quality of life. We are concentrated on producing high-quality cannabis and cannabis-derived oils and ultimately exporting these products to other countries that have legalized medical cannabis programs in place. However, with recreational cannabis soon to be legalized in Canada and already legalized in a number of states in the US, we also plan to launch recreational cannabis brands focused on providing a variety of products to market in both Canada and the US.

INN: How does Maple Leaf stand out within the medicinal cannabis industry?

RL: One of our advantages is our experience. We started off as an eco-agricultural company, allowing us to leverage over a decade of greenhouse management experience and cultivation technology that can be used directly for the production of high-quality cannabis products. We have also retained and are in the process of retaining a few key individuals with vast amounts of knowledge and experience in indoor cannabis cultivation. In addition, we believe we have a huge geographic advantage. Our land holdings in BC, Nevada and California have positioned the company strategically so that we can promptly respond to demand in both the medical and recreational cannabis markets in both Canada and the US.

INN: What other upcoming catalysts can investors expect for Maple Leaf?

RL: We will be making various announcements regarding the start of cultivation and production after our facilities are completed. This will include the sale of products, adding additional partners and entering into new markets to ultimately expand globally. We are really looking forward to seeing the continuous growth of our business and the rapid growth of the market.

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