Legendary Skater Tony Hawk Discusses Benefits of Partnership with 1933 Industries

- November 12th, 2019

Skateboarding icon Tony Hawk talks about his partnership with 1933 Industries’ Canna Hemp X line.

Skateboarding icon Tony Hawk recently sat down with TransWorld Skateboarding to talk about his partnership with 1933 Industries’ (CSE:TGIF,OTCQX:TGIFF) Canna Hemp X line. Hawk discusses his own experience discovering the benefits of CBD as the 51-year-old pro-skater has turned to products like Canna Hemp X for relief from aches and pains.

“When I first heard about CBD I didn’t really understand it and I have since come around to believing in it greatly. I mean, I’m 51. I use it every day,” Hawk says in the video. “It really does keep me loose. It keeps me healthy. I’m not sore every day waking up like I have been in years past.”

Hawk is an advocate for CBD as well as an investor in Canna Hemp X. In October 2019, 1933 announced that it had formed a collaboration between Canna Hemp X and Tony Hawk’s skateboard company, Birdhouse to release a topical CBD balm developed specifically for the action sports market. The Birdhouse/Canna Hemp X balm will hit shelves in dispensaries, wellness stores, skate shops and specialty retailers like Zumiez in the United States.

Tony Hawk’s interview can be seen at transworld.net.

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