Cannvas MedTech CEO: Our Platforms are Bridging the Gap in Cannabis Education

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Cannvas MedTech CEO Shawn Moniz provides his views on the importance of education in the cannabis industry and the role that data analytics plays in meeting this need.

Cannvas MedTech (CSE:MTEC) CEO Shawn Moniz has developed his company’s business model around serving the educational needs of cannabis consumers.

In the interview below, Moniz discusses Cannvas MedTech’s approach to making cannabis-based information for medicinal, adult and even petcare use readily available to consumers across its online platforms. He also addresses the company’s role in developing data analytics services for the cannabis industry.

Below is the video of our interview with Cannvas MedTech CEO Shawn Moniz. It is followed by a transcript that has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: Please give our investor audience an overview of Cannvas MedTech and its technology platforms for the cannabis industry.

Cannvas MedTech CEO Shawn Moniz: At Cannvas MedTech we are a business technology company and we have developed a number of patient-centric data platforms. These platforms are curated to put the patient first within the healthcare space. Patients can use our interactive tools to learn about the different uses of cannabis, talk to a physician, read articles and explore our educational content.

Beneath the surface, we are pioneers in data analytics for the cannabis space. We use our analytics to try to determine a user’s next interaction based upon their previous one. To do this, we use our insight into the categories being learned about, the click-throughs on CRM emails, and more to determine user behaviour traits. These behaviour traits then guide our content curation, ensuring constant engagement throughout the platform.

INN: What is the current landscape of consumer knowledge in the cannabis industry at the moment? How is Cannvas looking to mitigate the existing gap?

SM: It’s a pretty wide gap. There are people that are just entering the cannabis space, and people that have been in the industry for 20, 30 and 40 years, and for all users, education is prime. Everyone still needs to learn more about what it means to go on different strains, the various methods of ingestion, when they should talk to their doctor and what about, whether they can travel with cannabis, and more. Patients want to know how to effectively incorporate cannabis into their healthcare and on the platform, education for the patient comes first.

INN: How does data and analytics play a role in the cannabis industry? How is Cannvas implementing these tools?

SM: One of the biggest opportunities for Cannvas MedTech lies in the cannabis data space. We use our tools to learn about behaviour traits, what the industry is doing and what it isn’t, the different likes, needs and wants of patients, and the adult use market. By honing in on what the key elements of the market are, we can channel that information back to the community through insightful reports. We are working with different academic communities, physicians and Health Canada to develop a picture on what the cannabis landscape looks like with the data to back it up. We feel that this is a crucial gap that Cannvas MedTech can help address.

INN: Cannvas recently announced its Cannvas.PET platform. How is cannabis extending its reach into the petcare industry?

SM: Cannabis has already reached into the petcare space with people giving CBD oil and hemp-infused products to their pets. Similarly to the adult-use market, however, people started using these products before being fully educated. We want to provide this community with education that is segmented whether you have a bird, a lizard, a cat or a dog, and then further categorized depending on the weight and age of your pet. We also want to inform pet owners on the conversations they need to have with their vets if they want to use cannabis as part of their pet’s healthcare routine. For all this we are launching an educational platform for your furry friend.

INN: What is next for Cannvas MedTech and how does that fit into the company’s long-term plans?

SM: Our long-term plan is to be the household name of cannabis education, and there are a few ways in which we are doing that. We are vertically integrating our company through our white label solutions under Cannvas Health, getting into pharmacies, clinics and healthcare communities. We are also trying to get into palliative care units within hospitals, extending our education contributions within the different elements of the industry globally, not just within Canada.

We are getting our name out there by entering the brick-and-mortar space while also tackling the digital environments in these clinics and healthcare communities. What we see on the horizon is more global expansion for Cannvas MedTech.

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