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Grafoid Inc. is a privately held graphene research, development and investment company. Grafoid’s mine-to-market business model, top-notch research and development facilities, and strategic partnerships have made the company an established leader in innovative graphene application development. Grafoid’s patented one-step process for converting graphite to high- purity Mesograf™ graphene is low cost, environmentally friendly, and capable of large-scale production.

Graphene, a two-dimensional nanomaterial, is widely recognized as a revolutionary, potential game-changer across every industrial sector. Grafoid is leading the revolution in changing how we live, work and play.

The Australian patent office, IP Australia, ruled on the validity of Grafoid’s graphite ore-to-graphene production process in August 2016, marking the second time a national government has ruled on the patent application. The ruling negates an Australian graphite mining company’s claim to be the inventor of the world’s first industrial-scale graphene production directly from raw graphite ore using electrochemical charging. The US government granted Patent 9221867 to the inventors of the process, Grafoid’s Founding Partner, President and Chief Operating Officer Gordon Chiu, and the National University of Singapore’s Loh Kian Ping and Junzhong Wang, in December 2015.

The university has granted exclusive license to Singapore-based Graphite Zero Pte. Ltd. for worldwide production rights for graphene products using the Mesograf™ name. Grafoid, the exclusive global marketing and sales agent for Mesograf™-based products, holds a majority ownership in Graphite Zero, which produces Mesograf™ in Singapore and at Grafoid’s Global Technology Centre in Kingston, Ontario.

“The ruling stands as a precedent-setting victory that our invention can be protected in any jurisdiction,” said Chiu. “The grant of patent is a clear indication that no other claims can even come close to our discovery.”

Company Highlights

  • Established global leader in graphene innovation.
  • One-step, no harsh chemicals process means low-cost, high-purity graphene.
  • Creating a global platform to deliver mine-to-market products.
  • Grafoid is currently the world’s largest producer of graphene.
  • Patented MesoGraf™ sets the global standard for graphene.
  • World-class 220,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art technology research and development (R&D) center will house the first fully-operational Mesograf™ graphene production facility in North America.
  • Establishing joint-venture relationships for the development of next-generation products.
  • Grafoid has and will continue to sell Mesograf™ to joint-venture partners; royalties will primarily drive revenue.
  • Raised about $30 million in private equity and government funding.
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