JustKitchen: Benefitting the F&B Sector by Optimizing Data and Logistics

- May 12th, 2021

JustKitchen’s (TSXV:JK) cloud kitchen model can benefit the F&B sector by optimizing data and logistics, according to TechNode Global.

JustKitchen (TSXV:JK) already efficiently operates its kitchens producing food on a just-in-time basis and the F&B sector can also definitely benefit from optimizations in data and logistics through the company’s cloud kitchen model, according to an article published on TechNode Global.

In the article, J.Angelo Racoma of TechNode Global wrote, the F&B sector can definitely benefit from optimizations in data and logistics as JustKitchen reimagines the business model of restaurant production and delivery. He said with JustKitchen’s cloud model, advantages are in the form of capital expenditure (multiple products out of spoke kitchens, unit economics, and capital efficiency), high scalability, and brand proliferation.

JustKitchen (TSXV:JK) CEO Kent Wu explains, “Traditional F&B isn’t an easy sector to expand effectively in, we’re really pushing to leverage technology to enable our expansion. We’re putting a lot of resources into building the backbone and foundation of what’s needed to operate a multinational dark kitchen across various geographies, languages, and ethnicities.”

“Operationally, at stage one of our business model, we have one hub, wherein we get economies of scale, and 80 percent of the meals are completed at spoke kitchens. These can prepare meals in as quickly as five minutes–mostly high-volume and recurring orders,” Wu said.

JustKitchen recently launched its proprietary consumer-facing mobile application (the “JustKitchen App”), through which customers can order food items from the Company’s ghost kitchens, among other features.

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