Nerds On Site CEO: We Are Expanding our Business Model into the US

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Nerds On Site CEO Charlie Regan discusses the company’s US expansion plans and IPO preparations in this interview.

Nerds On Site (CSE:NERD) CEO Charlie Regan and his company have a commitment to ensuring the productivity and profitability of their client’s technology.

As a mobile IT solutions company, Nerds On Site is focused on ensuring that their client’s technology is secure and working. In the interview below, Regan touched on some of the company’s notable clients and their ideal and rapidly-growing client base in North America.

Below is a transcript of our interview with Nerds On Site CEO Charlie Regan. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: Please give our investor audience an overview of Nerds On Site and its unique business model.

Nerds On Site CEO Charlie Regan: We ensure the productivity and profitability of the technology our clients use in their businesses and their homes. We have a crew of nerds who respond to each request for help in a timely matter. We primarily service small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), which provide over 85 percent of all new jobs in North America. SMEs are growing and our plan is to grow with them.

INN: What work has the company been doing in anticipation of its IPO?

CR: We will create a physical presence of our brand by deploying our nerd mobiles in the top 35 growth cities in the US. I’ve ordered 200 Beetles for our brand awareness drives in Arizona and Florida where we parade up to six nerd mobiles for approximately 60 days to let people know we’re there. This generally gets the phones ringing and new nerd applications coming in.

INN: Please tell us about your expansion plans. How will Nerds On Site deploy its business model in the US?

CR: We’re focused on the top 30 states in America. We expect to hit all 30 states within two years and once we hit critical mass in those states, we will expand into the remaining states.

INN: How does Nerds On Site stand apart from its competitors in the market?

CR: Our culture is defined by our pillars and ‘CHARGE’ into the marketplace. C stands for capable and competent CEO’s or Capability Expansion Orchestrators; H stands for honesty; A stands for attitude of positive humility; R stands for being resourceful and responsive to our clients; G stands for goal and destination focused; and E stands for engaging and enthusiastic servants in the marketplace. We also pay for Dale Carnegie training and consider ourselves to be, first and foremost, human engineers. We don’t service computers, but people with computers.

INN: Please tell us about your notable clients and partnerships.

CR: Our job is to serve each of our clients for a lifetime. Some of our more notable clients include Canadian Tire (TSX:CTC.A) and Tim Horton’s, but our main focus is on engineering firms, accounting offices, dental practices, manufacturing operators and retail organizations. We want to ensure that their technology helps their business without pain or a cost-burden. We want to save them time and money, while helping them drive-up revenues, productivity and profitability.

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