MustGrow CEO: We’re Bringing Three Natural, Science-based Biological Products to Cannabis

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MustGrow CEO Corey Giasson joined the Investing News Network to talk about the company’s three natural, science-based biological products.

MustGrow Biologics (CSE:MGRO) CEO Corey Giasson believes that the company has developed three products that will save billions of dollars in lost agricultural crops.

MustGrow is an agricultural biotech company that has developed biopesticide, biofungicide and biofertility products for the cannabis industry. The company has been conducting research with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) on its biopesticide product to see if it can treat a variety of crop diseases. According to Giasson, the research and development (R&D) program with the NRC is going well. The company is seeing 100 percent control of the diseases tested so far, which is “unheard of” for a natural product.

The company is also seeing positive results from the testing of its biofertility product, with a 4.5 percent increase in yield and a 22 percent increase in terpenes found when using the fertilizer on cannabis plants. MustGrow plans to commercialize the three products within the next 15 months. The company has applied to register its products with Health Canada and expects to be approved within the same timeframe.

Giasson also talked about the contributions COO Colin Bletsky and Director Tom Flow have made to the company. Bletsky brings over 20 years of experience with agricultural chemicals to the company and has been instrumental in bringing third-party biological products to the company’s attention. Flow brings his vast cannabis industry experience and is responsible for MustGrow’s focus on science-based, natural products.

Below is a transcript of our interview with MustGrow CEO Corey Giasson. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: What’s your name, company and ticker symbol?

MustGrow CEO Corey Giasson: My name is Corey Giasson, and I’m president and CEO of MustGrow Biologics Corp. We’re listed on the CSE under the ticker symbol MGRO.

INN: Please give our audience an overview of MustGrow and its biological products for cannabis growers.

CG: MustGrow is a biologic and biotech company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We have three natural, science-based biological products for the cannabis industry. The first product is a biopesticide made with natural compounds from the mustard seed and our technology. It can be used as a pre-plant, pre-pot soil treatment.

Our second product is a biofungicide, which we just licensed from an international streptomyces litigious company. This product can be used to treat powdery mildew, the number one issue cannabis cultivators face. Our third product is a biofertility product, which can be used to increase the fertility of the soil or growing medium. There can be a 4.5 percent increase in yield and a 22 percent increase in terpenes.

INN: What opportunities does MustGrow see in providing natural products to cannabis farmers?

CG: We see a huge opportunity in providing natural, science-based products to cannabis growers. First, the products that they currently have are natural, but they don’t work and cause suppression. Our biopesticide product acts like a chemical even though it’s a natural organic product. It’s got the efficacy of a synthetic chemical, which is useful for treating fusarium, which causes root-rot, or botrytis, which causes grey mold. We see 100 percent control of these diseases, which are soil-borne, within 24 hours, and that’s unheard of for a natural product.

INN: How is the cannabis biopesticide R&D program with the NRC progressing?

CG: It’s progressing really well. The NRC has done some great work with us. As I mentioned, we are seeing 100 percent control within 24 hours of key fungi and diseases that affect the cannabis crop being introduced into the soil. We are looking to do more work with them in other areas and industries. For instance, fusarium is a huge issue with stored grains and costs about C$15 billion in lost agriculture products annually. It’ll be a significant milestone if we can treat fusarium. We can also potentially treat the fusarium that affects store grains, opening up multiple markets for our technology.

INN: Are there any executives you would like to highlight on your board and management team?

CG: We’ve built a strong board, management and advisory team. On our management, our COO Colin Bletsky has about 20 years of experience with agricultural chemicals and has worked with companies like Syngenta and Novozymes (OTC Pink:NVZMF). At Novozymes, he spent 10 years looking at hundreds of biological products worldwide. He is instrumental in bringing us third-party biological products in streptomyces litigious that can help treat powdery mildew. That product has been used in the past for cannabis. We’re bringing that product back to the industry because of Colin and his knowledge of that industry.

The second person I’d like to draw attention to is Tom Flow. He is the founder of Med Relief and The Flowr Corporation (TSXV:FLWR,OTC Pink:FLWPF). He is a guru in the cannabis industry and has provided a lot of expertise and knowledge. He told us to find science-based natural products that work and help cannabis growers treat disease.

INN: What’s next for MustGrow, and how does that fit into the company’s long-term goals?

CG: We have three products that we want to get into the cannabis industry. The final fertility product is sales-ready, and we look forward to getting that into licensed producer’s hands so they can test it and see how it works. Again, we’re seeing increased yields and terpenes. The biofungicide treats powdery mildew, and we are applying for registration under the name Canavit. We look forward to having that product on the market within 15 months.

We also want to get cannabis added to our MustGrow technology label. We already have approval from Health Canada for fruits and vegetables. We’ve applied to have cannabis added to our label, and this can take about 15 months. Overall, we are expecting good news and results in the next few years as we roll out our three products into the cannabis industry.

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