Lexaria Bioscience CEO: Faster, Cost-efficient Drug Delivery Platform for COVID-19 and Beyond

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Lexaria Bioscience CEO Chris Bunka discusses the technology’s potential to treat viral infections via oral delivery and help save billions in the drug administration process.

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Lexaria Bioscience (NASDAQ:LEXX,CSE:LXX) concluded its expanded research program for DehydraTECH-enabled remdesivir and ebastine, showing effective results in inhibiting the COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 virus. Lexaria Bioscience CEO Chris Bunka discussed the technology’s potential to treat viral infections via oral delivery and help save billions in the drug administration process.

“Our delivery from oral to the bloodstream is at least two minutes. We’re outrageously fast for oral technology. We’ve been able to improve the delivery rates by 35 percent and 45 percent previously reported on December 1, 2020,” said Bunka.

The study shows DehydraTECH™ improves delivery into the bloodstream of orally administered remdesivir and ebastine. The result may be relevant with additional antiviral drugs within their classes for indications including and beyond COVID-19.

“We are looking at repurposing some of these drugs, being able to take an antiviral drug that traditionally could only be administered, for example, by injection. We might be able to apply it in an oral form through a pill.”

According to Bunka, delivering an antiviral drug that was originally designed for an injectable form through a new oral form could help governments or health insurance companies save billions of dollars just in administration costs.

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