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Bringing AI and Machine Learning to the Resource Sector

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Goldspot Discoveries Inc. (TSXV:SPOT) is a technology company that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to reduce capital risk and increase success in the resource and investment sectors. The company partners with, invests in and obtains royalties from resource and junior exploration companies to help them analyze and interpret data collected through exploration so they can make a discovery.

The company has developed two AI-based platforms to help resource companies identify where deposits are. GoldSpot’s technical services platform takes multiple layers of data and standardizes, transforms and stitches it together to optimize it for machine learning. From there, the data is run through several algorithms that predict where zones of mineralization occur.

The platform was initially developed for gold exploration, but can be used with almost any type of mineralization, including copper or lithium. GoldSpot has partnered with and provides services to premiere resource companies such as Yamana Gold (TSX:YRI), Sprott Mining Inc., McEwen Mining (TSX:MUX), Hochschild Mining plc (LSE:HOC), Vale Canada Limited and Manitou Gold Inc. (TSXV:MTU).

GoldSpot is also developing a second platform that is expected to help the company and investors choose successful resource projects across the globe. Resource Quantamental (RQ) helps the company identify the best projects and teams to work with by collecting together a number of data points that are indicative of future success.

GoldSpot employs 30 people with experience in a variety of areas including chemistry, data analytics, finance and many others. Notable members on GoldSpot’s board of directors include Chairman Frank Holmes who is the Chief Investment Officer for US Global Investors Inc. (NASDAQ:GROW) and has managed over $1 billion in investments. Director Ramon Barua is currently the CFO of Hochschild Mining and Director Donovan Pollitt has over 15 years of resource industry experience. He provides consultation services and operations analysis to buy-side, royalty and private equity clients.

GoldSpot’s Company Highlights

  • Generating consulting revenue and maintaining a first-mover advantage by partnering with established miners
  • Technical services analyze exploration data to pinpoint where deposits are potentially located and is commodity agnostic
  • Current and previous clients include Yamana Gold, Gran Colombia Gold, Sprott Mining, McEwen Mining, Hochschild Mining and many more
  • RQ platform uses AI and machine learning to help identify the best projects and teams to work with and predicts which companies are most likely to be successful
  • GoldSpot uses RQ to invest in exploration companies and to acquire royalties earlier in the exploration cycle
  • Experienced management team with a diverse industry background in mining and data analysis, among others
  • Investors include: Frank Holmes, Eric Sprott, Triple Flag Mining Finance, ThreeD Capital and Rob McEwen
  • Closed go-to public financing of $7.5 million in February 2019, no debt
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