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Solution Financial Inc. (TSXV:SFI) is a luxury and exotic car leasing provider dedicated to enabling luxury car dealerships and their clientele with a ‘white-glove’ experience. Built on 14 years of profitable lease brokerage experience, Solution Financial’s proprietary lease quoting system streamlines the process for dealers to provide alternative leasing options to clients and ultimately close more sales. Solution Financial’s novel quoting system evaluates the merits of lease transactions in real-time based on current auto market values as well as traditional lending criteria. In addition, Solution Financial manages an online community portal, LeaseClub, for its extensive network of luxury car enthusiasts which helps drive demand for its dealers and its own lucrative end of lease offerings. Solution Financial is focused on expanding its smarter approach to luxury car ownership across Canada.

Company Highlights

  • An innovative leader in luxury car leasing solutions.
  • Proprietary and profitable lease quoting system tied to vehicle market valuations and traditional lending parameters.
  • A unique approach to lease structures and terms more suitable for flexible luxury purchasers (i.e. approaching car-as-a-service flexibility).
  • Recently secured a $7.5 million credit loan facility from a Schedule 1 Canadian Financial Institution.
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