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Ely Gold Royalties (TSXV:ELY, OTC:ELYGF) is an emerging royalty company with interests in 71 precious metal properties. The majority of these properties are located in some of Nevada’s most prolific gold districts including Walker Lane and the Cortez Trend. A few others are located in the surrounding western states of Utah, Arizona, Oregon and California. 41 of these properties are being explored by majors, producing mid-tiers and high quality junior exploration companies. 21 properties are in the Company’s royalty portfolio and 20 properties are being purchased under option contracts. All the Company’s option properties will produce royalties, if exercised. In 2018, the Company’s property portfolio will generate over $2 million in revenue and positive cash flow estimated at $1 million. Ely Gold is also actively purchasing existing third-party royalties. Ely Gold maintains a strong cash position and a gold stock equity portfolio. The company is well positioned with its current portfolio of 30 available properties to generate additional operating revenue through option, sale transactions and the potential purchase of third party royalties.

Ely Gold’s unique business model involves the acquisition and consolidation of claims and historic data for creating drill ready projects, in attractive gold trends, using its extensive, proprietary data base. The properties are then sold for cash or optioned to third parties while retaining significant royalty interests. Ely Gold also offers its shareholders further leverage to the gold market through its portfolio of equities in mid-tier and junior exploration companies.

The properties in Ely Gold’s Royalty and Option Portfolios are currently being developed by quality operators and all optioned properties will generate royalties, if exercised Ely Gold offers shareholders excellent value as the shares are significantly under-valued in the emerging royalty space.

Ely Gold’s management believes its Project Developer model has advantages over the standard project generator/ joint-venture model because the Company can manage a much larger property portfolio, which generates significant cash flow. All option contracts allow for 100% ownership allowing our partners to better market and develop the properties.

Company Highlights as of April 2018

  • An interest in 71 Nevada focused properties with 41 currently being explored by third parties
  • Properties in the Option Portfolio generating cash flow with retained royalties.
  • Royalty portfolio of 21 properties with excellent operators.
  • 2018 estimated portfolio revenue of over $2 million cash flow of $1 million
  • Over 30 Nevada properties to be optioned or sold.
  • Large proprietary data base generating drill ready projects
  • Continually staking and purchasing additional properties and royalties.
  • Under-valued to peer group of emerging royalty companies
  • Excellent leverage to Nevada exploration and gold prices
  • Growing equity portfolio of quality gold companies offers shareholders additional leverage to the gold market
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