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Digital media and marketing technologies are constantly evolving, with social media apps such as TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube experiencing growth, especially during the pandemic and with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Influencer marketing also thrived in 2021, and the industry is expected to grow to US$14 billion in 2021, which shows how powerful social media marketing has become. For investors looking into this space, established digital marketing companies that know how to work with social media are an impressive proposition.

DGTL Holdings (TSXV:DGTL) is a venture capital asset management company focused on acquiring and accelerating transformative and disruptive social media, marketing and advertising technologies (martech/adtech), powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

DGTL stands for Digital Growth Technologies and Licensing and the company specializes in acquiring and advancing fully commercialized enterprise-level B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms in key growth categories, using a range of unique capitalization structures.

DGTL’s mission is two-fold. First, to build a diversified portfolio of high growth and disruptive digital media and martech SaaS for investors — filling a gap in the micro and small capital markets. Second, to create a wall garden ecosystem of digital media/marketing technology to offer a full-service platform to Fortune 100 level brands, like Fannie Mae or AEON.

DGTL’s mission is to help brands and agencies optimize their digital marketing efforts by leveraging the power of AI technologies. Tracking digital trends and evolving with changes in digital media, martech and adtech will also allow DGTL to create personalized and long-lasting relationships with influencers and content creators.

The company’s first acquisition is #HASHOFF, an innovative and scalable self-service SaaS solution for brands and agencies. It provides marketers with the tools to leverage the gig economy and engage with over 140 million potential freelance creatives and content creators.

Additionally, this proprietary technology leverages an amplified measurement center. This solution enables companies full access to data and analytics to enhance their brand online and in the space of digital marketing.

In February 2021, DGTL announced it had signed a new campaign activation surrounding the NCAA March Madness sporting event. The following month, the company revealed it was awarded a new social media marketing campaign contract from a globally recognized consumer packaged goods brand. Achieving high-quality contracts with big clients like these pushes DGTL forward in the digital media and advertising space.

With a grasp on evolving trends in social media and the overarching digital space, DGTL aims to take a significant position in this market.

Company Highlights

  • DGTL Holdings is a technology-focused, investment and mergers and acquisitions company aimed at acquiring and advancing emerging technologies in digital media and advertising. Significant industries include social, mobile, gaming, and streaming
  • The company empowers global brands through story-telling and innovative, fully commercialized enterprise SaaS solutions to optimize advertising and connection with the right content creators.
  • DGTL’s flagship solution, #HASHOFF, is a platform that allows brands and agencies to recruit online creatives through commercial partnerships.
  • In February 2021, the company announced a video-based social media activation campaign centered around the 2021 NCAA Men’s basketball championship. This campaign spotlights influencers engaging with the event.

DGTL Technologies


#HASHOFF is an enterprise-level self-service SaaS solution for brands and agencies looking to engage with the digital marketing industry. It is built on proprietary AI and machine learning technology and designed to empower brands by identifying, managing and recruiting top-ranked digital content creators and media creatives online.

#HASHOFF consists of two proprietary solutions on its platform. The “IAM” component allows companies to search and discover the best content creators for their brand. Using context signals and machine learning, companies efficiently find the right creatives. The “Create Marketplace” component offers the tools to create a unified marketplace to connect brands and potential content creators. This solution utilizes the power of storytelling and user experience on various social media platforms to optimize the discovery process.

Future plans for #HASHOFF include software development for video-based influencers operating on platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and more.

Management Team

John Belfontaine - CEO & Chairman

John Belfontaine has over 15 years as a serial start-up entrepreneur and corporate development executive for private and publicly traded companies. He is active in the global capital markets with a track record of successful debt and equity financing for growth stage companies in excess of US$50M. Belfontaine has represented over 24 publicly traded companies as an officer, director, and either capital markets specialist or consultant, in a range of sectors and growth stages. Belfontaine is the founder of DGTL Holdings (TSXV:DGTL), and several other start up companies in health care, marketing, and advertising. He is the former CEO and chairman of Phivida Holdings (CSE:VIDA) and president, chairman and co-founder of Coachellagro, since sold to Mohave Jane (CSE:JANE). Belfontaine also worked as a retail wealth product manager at Empire Life Financial, and as an executive for national and regional consumer packaged goods (CPG) program management with several Fortune 100 companies.

Phil Frank - Managing Director, #HASHOFF LLC

Phil Frank has over 25 years of experience in digital media and adtech. Frank’s career has been focused on building global enterprise level advertising and data-driven marketing platforms. He is a first-generation digital marketer, joining Infoseek in early 1995. Frank’s proven leadership experience includes serving as the vice president of sales at AOL, as well as head of advertiser relations at Collective, and senior advisor to other leading digital marketing firms. Frank was the former chief revenue officer of Batanga, a company acquired by Univision that became a leading multicultural digital platform in the world.

Chris Foster - Chief Financial Officer

Chris Foster is an experienced executive providing accounting and financial management services for both public and private companies across a range of industries. Foster is the former chief financial officer for Perpetua Resources, the former controller of Ivanhoe Group's Global Mining Management and Peregrine Diamonds. Foster served as the controller for Roca Mines and as an accountant at Canadian Forest Products. He is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Canada.

Brendan Purdy, JD - Independent Director

Brendan Purdy, JD, is a practicing securities lawyer focused on the resource, cannabis, and technology sectors. In his private practice, he has developed experience with respect to public companies, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and other facets fundamental to the natural resources, cannabis, and technology sectors. He is also the former CEO of Enforcer Gold (TSXV:VEIN), High Hampton Holdings (CSE:HC), and Tidal Royalty (CSE:TDRYF), and director of several public companies.

David Beck - Independent Director

David Beck has over 20 years of experience in the public capital markets, leading TMT Investment Banking at three boutique investment dealers. Beck is a renowned technology financial analyst in both New York and Toronto. He has been leading, and investing in, many private technology companies over the last 25 years. He worked as a director for several public companies , including Quadron Cannatech (CSE:QCC), Pivot Technology Solutions (TSX:PTG), Basis100 (TSX:BAS), and CRS Robotics (TSX:ROB). David Beck holds a master's of business administration from Ivey Business School and a bachelor's of science with honours in engineering physics from Queen’s University.

Steven Brown - Chief Revenue Officer

As the chief revenue officer of DGTL Holding, Steven Brown oversees all business development initiatives for Engagement Labs, Hashoff LLC, and future potential subsidiaries of DGTL Holdings. He has over 30 years of experience in the sector, and joined DGTL Holdings with a track record of success in the digital media and marketing industry. Throughout his highly successful career, Brown has guided several high-performance business development teams for global industry powerhouse companies, such as United Online, IGN, Viacom, and CBS Radio. Previously, Brown served as chief revenue officer of ViewLift, a global streaming technologies company, and as senior vice president of platform sales and advertising solutions for NeuLion , a leading OTT technology company. Under his leadership, NeuLion experienced unprecedented customer growth, contributing to its sale to Endeavor in 2018 in a transaction valued at $250 million.

Bruce Lev - Independent Director

Bruce Lev is the current managing director of Loeb Holding and brings over 30 years of experience in global capital markets. Lev is the former vice chairman and director of USCO Logistics, since sold tor Kuhne & Nagel. He served as the former executive vice president of corporate and legal affairs at Micro Warehouse (NASDAQ:MWHS) and as a former director of the Roper Organization. Lev is a former vice chairman of AirDat and a former board member of Integral Systems (NASDAQ: ISYS), also serving as a former board member and audit committee chairman of VirtualScopics (NASDAQ: VSCP). Lev is on the board and member of multiple committees of Intersections (NASDAQ:INTX). He holds degrees from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, and from the University of Virginia School of Law.

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