ProStar GeoCorp: Integrated Precision Mapping Solutions

- February 5th, 2021

ProStar™ (TSXV:MAPS) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network. 

ProStar™ (TSXV:MAPS) is providing government agencies, infrastructure companies, and some of the world’s largest engineering firms precision subsurface and surface data for sectors like utility, oil and gas, construction, engineering, and surveying. With 19 issued patents, the ProStar system is compatible with virtually all mobile devices, GPS/GNSS receivers, and electromagnetic locators on the market.

ProStar’s solution is a game-changer on damage prevention through the use of its patented geospatial technologies, which includes the development of their patented Precision Mapping Solutions™ and flagship product, PointMan®. ProStar’s PointMan Plus solution is a remarkably user-friendly, intuitive mobile software application that works seamlessly within mobile networks. This enables field workers, Project Managers, CTO’s and CEO’s immediate, real-time access to every level of asset management processes, including their condition and precise location.

ProStar’s cloud and mobile Precision Mapping Solutions™  immediately captures, records, and visualizes utility assets during planning, construction, and operational maintenance phases, which reduce costs and the odds of economic and environmental calamities.

ProStar™ GeoCorp’s Company Highlights

  • ProStar provides specialized solutions that bring to market state-of-the-art precision utility location and data software integrated on both cloud and mobile platforms.
  • ProStar’s PointMan is a multi-patented software solution that captures, documents, and displays the precise location, pedigree, and geospatial intelligence of above and below ground utility assets.
  • ProStar’s key partnerships are with leading multinational hardware manufactures of GPS/GNSS receivers and electromagnetic cable and pipe locators.
  • ProStar’s management and operational teams consist of proven leaders with world-class business and software development expertise.



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