Aurora Mobile Launches Mini Program Version of iAPP

- January 2nd, 2020

Aurora Mobile announced a mini program version of iAPP which provides companies and investors with real-time data into market trends.

Aurora Mobile (NASDAQ:JG) announced that it has launched a mini program version of its product iAPP which provides mobile internet companies and investors with real-time data and insights into market trends.

As quoted in the press release:

The mini program version of iAPP offers various big data and analytical functions including tracking and detailed real-time data on emerging trends and dynamics of other mini programs.

Clients can easily log in and view mobile app and mini programs DAU data in real-time and sort by industry, DAU, monthly DAU growth and many other operational indicators. Leveraging Aurora Mobile’s cutting edge data analytics capabilities, clients will also be able to quickly compare the competitive dynamics and performance of various or individual mini programs in terms of DAU and average DAU over different periods allowing clients to easily adjust and improve their operating strategy in a very targeted manner.

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