A2Z Technologies Canada Corp.: Adapting Military-Grade Technologies for Key Commercial Sectors

- December 30th, 2019

Learn more about A2Z Technologies Canada Corp. (TSXV:AZ) and its military technologies for the civilian automotive space on the Investing News Network’s Technology channel.

a2z technologies military robot

A2Z Technologies Canada Corp. (TSXV:AZ) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s Technology channel. A2Z Technologies is an Israel-based innovative technology company specializing in military technology. The Company has been operating for over 30 years, with a client roster that includes the Israel Defense Forces, Security Forces, and Ministry of Defence.

The Company plans to leverage their profitable, cash flow-generating core-business to expand into the civilian market by adapting their military technologies for civilian use-cases. One patent-pending product is a capsule that prevents vehicle fires caused by collisions, while a patent has already been granted for a smart vehicle cover device that protects automobiles from the elements while the vehicle is parked and is stowed away safely in the vehicle’s bumper.

To learn more about A2Z Technologies Canada Corp. (TSXV:AZ), click here.

A2Z Technologies Canada Corp. Company Highlights:

  • Military Robotics space is expected to reach US$53.93 billion by 2027 for a projected CAGR of 13.5 percent (Zion Market Research).
  • Diverse portfolio of advanced military robotics and technologies
  • Provider of military technology to Israel MOD and other government organizations for over 30 years.
  • Clients include 75 recurring clients with long-term contracts that provide the Company with stable revenues.
  • Leveraging military expertise to expand product and service offerings into multiple civilian spaces with large addressable markets.
  • Plan to expand existing product and service revenues through partnerships with governments outside of Israel.
  • Plan to commercialize Fuel Tank Inertia Capsule System (FTICS) starting with IDF civilian vehicles.
  • Strong management team includes CEO Bentsur Joseph who owns approximately 64 percent of the issued and outstanding shares.

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