Caza Gold Identifies Strong Trace Element Anomalies

- January 18th, 2011

Caza Gold Corp. (CVE:CZY) reports that it has identified strong trace element anomalies the recently acquired Los Andes gold property, Nicaragua.

Caza Gold Corp. (TSXV:CZY) reports that it has identified strong trace element anomalies the recently acquired Los Andes gold property, Nicaragua.

The press release is quoted as saying:

The Los Andes high sulfidation gold system is exposed on surface as an extensive alteration zone of hydrothermal vuggy quartz, pervasive silification, and alunite associated with highly anomalous gold, and trace element anomalies in copper, molybdenum, bismuth, barium, selenium, tellurium, mercury, arsenic, and antimony. The alteration zone covers at least a 45 square kilometer area and measures over 12 kilometers long by up to 6 kilometers wide. It is similar in size, intensity, and trace element geochemistry to the alteration zones of world class gold deposits such as Yanacocha and Pierina in Peru. 

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