Star Diamond Offers Update for Bulk Sampling Program

- May 27th, 2019

Canadian-listed diamond explorer Star Diamond has released an update for its ongoing exploration project underway in Saskatchewan. 

Canadian-listed diamond explorer Star Diamond (TSX:DIAM) has released an update for the 2019 trench cutter bulk sampling program which is ongoing in Saskatchewan.

As quoted from the press release:

Star Diamond Corporation is pleased to announce that Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc (NYSE:RIO) have completed the ten Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) panels at the proposed trench cutter bulk sample positions on the Star Kimberlite. As a result, the CSM rig and associated concrete plant have been demobilized from site. In preparation for the trench cutter bulk sampling program, the Kimberlite Separation Unit (KSU) has been delivered to site and is currently being assembled and commissioned. The KSU is designed to recover all kimberlite fragments between 80 and 0.85 millimetres, from the slurry excavated by the trench cutter rig. This washed kimberlite material will be collected in cubic metre bulk bags for delivery to Bulk Sample Plant (“BSP”). Impact Mechanical Services Ltd. of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan has been awarded the contract to assemble the BSP, which was fabricated by Consulmet in South Africa in modular, containerized units. Unpacking and assembly of the BSP is currently underway. All of these activities are taking place in the Fort à la Corne diamond district of central Saskatchewan, Canada, on mineral dispositions held 100 percent by Star Diamond, in preparation for RTEC’s bulk sample drilling program on the Star – Orion South Diamond Project. RTEC refers to Star Diamond’s mineral dispositions in the Fort à la Corne diamond district as Project FalCon.

Senior Vice President Exploration and Development, George Read, states: “RTEC is in the process of assembling all the components required for the proposed trench cutter bulk sampling program on the Star Kimberlite. Once assembly and commissioning of the equipment has been completed, trench cutter drilling and bulk sample collection can commence. The trench cutter rig, KSU and BSP have all been designed to minimize diamond breakage, due to the known coarse diamond size frequency distributions of the Star and Orion South kimberlites. Star Diamond Corporation is encouraged by the level of activity on site and the pace at which tasks are being completed in preparation for the bulk sample drilling program on the Corporation’s Star Kimberlite.”

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