Rare Investment: Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds Never “Poised to Appreciate More”

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Rare Investment CEO Colin Ferguson on the investment appeal of natural fancy colored diamonds. Plus, catch a glimpse of the 40-carat, $2.8-million Heart of Gold diamond.

At last week’s Canadian Investor Conference, Diamond Investing News had the opportunity to speak with Colin Ferguson, CEO of Rare Investment, a Vancouver-based firm that provides direct access to investment-grade natural fancy colored and white diamonds.

The interview below begins with a glimpse of Rare Investment’s 40-carat, $2.8-million Heart of Gold diamond. From there, Ferguson explains why natural fancy colored diamonds are currently enjoying such high prices, commenting, “there’s no price volatility with natural fancy colored diamonds. They’ve never gone down in value, they’ve never been poised to appreciate more.” He also explains why brown diamonds — a category that includes champagne, cognac, chocolate and hazel diamonds — are a good entry point for new investors.

Ferguson ends by touching on Rare Investment’s commitment to ethical sourcing, also revealing what color of diamond is currently enjoying the most popularity.

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