Botswana Diamonds Receives ALROSA Geological Report

Botswana Diamonds plc (LSE:BOD) announced that it has received ALROSA’s (MCX:ALNU) final geological report on exploration work completed at prospecting licence PL/117, located in Botswana.

Report highlights include:

  • The report identified four previously unknown mineralogical anomalies.  Significantly two are coincidentwith geophysical anomalies reported earlier, 08 August 2014.
  • Target AN117/2, with strong mineralogical and geophysical anomalies, located in the northern part of the licence, will be drilled in September.  Hole 1 will target the south eastern part of the anomaly, which shows maximum amplitude on the magnetics.  The second hole will be drilled in the centre of the anomaly.
  • Target AN117/1 in the northwest has a very strong mineralogical signature.  It will be drilled in September after further geophysical work to pinpoint drill-hole sites.
  • Two further anomalies, C&D are thought to be kimberlite dykes or veinlets and will not be drilled at this time.
  • Analysis of material on Prospecting Licence, PL/206, suggests that primary sources of diamonds can exist on the block.  Further ground work will be done in Q4 2014.

John Teeling, chairman of Botswana Diamonds, commented:

The detailed mineralogical report received from Alrosa highlights targets on licence PL117 in Orapa. Four anomalies were identified, two of which also have strong geophysical signatures. We have identified the drill sites for two holes on anomaly AN117/2 which has very strong geophysical and kimberlite indicator mineral results.  The second target, AN117/1, has very good mineralogical signatures.  A little more work will be done in September to pinpoint the best drill location on AN117/1.  It is significant that the evaluation strongly suggests that the chrome diopsides and diamonds recovered earlier are not all from the AK10 kimberlite known on PL117.

Click here to read the full Botswana Diamonds plc (LSE:BOD) press release.

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