Jereh Focuses on Improving Economics of Oil and Gas at OTC 2016

At this year’s OTC 2016, Jereh Group displayed tailored equipment as well as a range of solutions to improve the economics of oil and gas operations, including well stimulation, LNG, GTL and original equipment manufacturing for continued lower oil price environments.

As quoted in the news release:

The show offered visitors interactive opportunities and information for engagement. Following the theme of “Making Every Dollar Count”, it highlighted solutions for well drilling, fracturing, coiled tubing operations, but also customized low-temperature equipment application, as well as gas monetization to end-use gasoline, LNG/CNG and power generation. In addition, online parts procurement and simulation training systems are presented to help clients achieve maximum economics.

At OTC, the micro LNG and GTL solutions were an important part of the event. In March of this year, Jereh signed MOU with its US partner to jointly develop, deliver and operate a GTL plant which will convert low-cost Marcellus natural gas feedstock into methanol locally and is expected to produce 160 MT per day-with extreme attractive economics at the regional scale. The system offers an ideal solution for countries in South America and Africa which are facing a lot of gas flaring and a lack of gasoline.

According to the Norwegian Energy Minister, Mr. Tord Lien, “The industry has to continue its efforts to be more efficient, improve productivity and reduce costs. Standardization, new technologies, smarter solutions, new business models, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy are some of the keys to success.” Jereh also shared its thoughts about going digital–its first online procurement platform (, which can facilitate visitors find and get what they want in better, more efficient way.

Click here for the full news release.

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