Scandium International Receives 3 US Patents

- February 21st, 2019

Aside from the three granted patents, the company has an additional 10 US patents pending, as well as corresponding Australian patents.

Australia-focused Scandium International (TSX:SCY) has received three patents for its proprietary intellectual property designed around the extraction and recovery processes for scandium.

The patents relate to the extraction and recovery of scandium from ores, solutions and byproducts; the conversion of scandium intermediates into master alloy and the composition and manufacturing of certain commercial scandium-containing alloys.

The processes outlined in the three US patents are included in the definitive feasibility study flowsheet for use at the company’s wholly-owned Nyngan scandium project in Australia.


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“The company has made considerable investment in the study and development of flowsheet designs for scandium recovery, and also for scandium product upgrades matching customer preferences,” George Putnam, CEO of Scandium International, said in the press release.

“This intellectual property is being secured through the US Patent system, and corresponding foreign patent systems, for our shareholders and for our projects, current and future.”

Aside from the three granted patents, the critical metals miner has an additional 10 US patents pending, as well as corresponding Australian patents.

There are also plans to file for further patent applications as they are needed, in order to “continue to protect [the company’s] interest in scandium recovery from various resources and marketing scandium products, especially as they relate to novel applications for scandium.”

Earlier in the week, the scandium-focused company released the results from an ongoing aluminum casting trial being conducted by Eck Industries utilizing scandium from Scandium International. The test work includes the development of a new aluminum casting alloy utilizing cerium and scandium.

Initial trial results indicate the new scandium infused alloy, “shows superior resistance to permanent strength erosion in high heat environments.”

The aluminum alloy could offer an affordable alternative to titanium or stainless steel, with potential use in a variety of applications and sectors including, aerospace, automotive and high temperature systems.

“Our research to date suggests that scandium in combination with magnesium and cerium in aluminum offers excellent stability at elevated temperatures,” David Weiss, Eck Industries VP engineering, noted in the announcement. “We continue to develop these systems to maximize performance and minimize cost for structural applications in transportation, aerospace and the military.”

Shares of Scandium International were down 7.89 percent at open on Thursday (February 21), to C$0.17.

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