Arafura Increases Groundwater Monitoring at Nolans

- July 5th, 2018

Arafura is an Australian-based miner focused on its Nolan’s rare earths project.

Arafura Resources Limited (ASX:ARU) has announced it has increased water monitoring and management activities at its wholly owned Nolans neodymium‐praseodymium  project near Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory. Arafura is an Australian-based miner focused on its Nolan’s rare earths project.

As quoted from the press release:

The process of increasing water monitoring activities has included increasing the number of hydrographic stations in local water courses, installing data loggers into monitoring and production bores to provide continuous groundwater data and increasing the frequency of sampling to assess water quality.

Arafura has invested more than Arafura  has  invested more  than AU$3 million to delineate and define the Southern Basin groundwater resource and establish its own bore  infrastructure for exploration and project development purposes.  The company is now actively monitoring 81 bores in the area, including 22 that have dataloggers permanently installed.

The frequency of regional monitoring has also been increased to provide additional baseline groundwater data. Once finalized, the water management plan will be an integral  part of the Mining Management Plan  (MMP) required for the grant of the Nolans mining leases.

“The company has spent over AU$3 million delineating and defining this previously undiscovered water system. To date our studies, which were incorporated in the  environmental approvals process, have shown the system can support Arafura’s operations in a sustainable manner. This ongoing and expanded monitoring program will  reinforce our understanding of the Southern Basin and provide guidance to how we can efficiently manage it for our operations and local communities,” said Gavin Lockyer, Arafura’s managing  director.

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