Preliminary Testing at Mason’s Lac Guéret Yields 99.9-percent Graphitic Carbon

- September 24th, 2013

Mason Graphite Inc. (TSXV:LLG) announced that preliminary studies aimed at testing the graphitic concentrates from its Quebec-based Lac Guéret project have yielded purities of 99.9-percent graphitic carbon.

Mason Graphite Inc. (TSXV:LLG) announced that preliminary studies aimed at testing the graphitic concentrates from its Quebec-based Lac Guéret project have yielded purities of 99.9-percent graphitic carbon.

As quoted in the press release:

The graphite concentrate of 99.9% Cg was achieved using a conventional hydrometallurgical process conducted at SGS Canada Inc. (“SGS”) in Ontario, Canada. The purification trials were conducted on graphite concentrates that were produced by SGS during recently completed lock cycle tests. The trials were carried out on three coarse size fractions of graphite: +48, +80 and +150 mesh.

Benoît Gascon, Mason’s president and CEO, commented:

Having reached 99.9% Cg from the very first run of testing, without any optimization, reaffirms our belief in the exceptional quality of the graphite hosted on our property. These high purity levels are required in many industrial applications including electrochemical applications like Lithium-ion batteries which are used in electric vehicles, portable electronics and cordless power tools, which represent a significant and growing market.

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