K+S Suspends Production at Hattorf Due to Drought

- September 11th, 2018

K+S is an international fertilizer producer with projects in Europe, as well as North and South America. 

Potash producer K+S (FWB:K&S) has announced the suspension of production at its Hattorf project due to an ongoing drought in the area.

K+S is an international fertilizer producer with projects in Europe, as well as North and South America.

As quoted from the press release:

Due to the persistent severe drought, the water level in the Werra river remains at an exceptionally low level. Therefore, production at the Hattorf site has also been temporarily interrupted today.

For the same reason, K+S already had to shut down the Wintershall site on August 27th. Based on current forecasts, the Unterbreizbach site can continue to produce.

K+S continues to make every effort to increase production at the Werra Plant as soon as possible. Additional measures for saline water disposal, like an increase in remote disposal are already in place. Additional disposal options  are currently being examined.

About the Werra Plant

The K+S Kali GmbH Werra network of mines, with plants in Hattorf and Wintershall in Hesse as well as Unterbreizbach and Wintershall in Thuringia, is the largest of its kind at K+S Kali GmbH. Besides fertilizers, primary products for the technical and chemical industries for pharmaceutical, food- and feed-grade, for example, are also produced in the Werra potash sites.

Werra Plant employs close to 4,000 people, including 300 trainees. It is an important employer and training company in the tri-city area between Bad Hersfeld, Bad Salzungen and Eisenach. In addition to being a  major contractor for local mid-sized companies, it is a significant tax payer in the region as well.  This makes Plant Werra the key component for the economic and demographic development in the East Hessian and West Thuringian regions.

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