Gensource Gets Approval to Move Ahead at Vanguard One

- August 10th, 2018

Saskatoon-based Gensource, is focused on developing Saskatchewan’s next potash production facility. 

Gensource Potash Corporation (TSXV:GSP) reports that it has received the ministerial determination from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment (MOE) for the Vanguard One project to move ahead.

Saskatoon-based Gensource, is focused on developing Saskatchewan’s next potash production facility.

As quoted from the press release:

As a result of the determination, Gensource is not required to complete a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), since it has been recognized that the project has a number of positive environmental attributes that will not trigger the stringent criteria of the Saskatchewan Environmental Assessment Act and, consequently, the project is unlikely to have a significant impact on the environment. This notification officially confirms that the project can now proceed to the next stage of the environmental regulatory process: detailed construction licensing.

“a Ministerial Determination of ‘not a development’ is a fantastic outcome for Gensource and our Vanguard One project and is exactly what the team was working towards. It is a decision that we anticipated due to the fact that our approach to potash mining is radically different from traditional potash projects – Vanguard One will be much more environmentally friendly with no salt tailings and no brine ponds of any sort. This Determination not only confirms one of our core values as a company – to provide a cleaner source of potash production – but it is also a crucial element to our Project success, as it enables a much faster, more efficient and cost-effective overall project development timeline,” Mike Ferguson, Gensource’s president & CEO said.

The Vanguard One project is not a conventional potash solution mine. The plant site footprint is approximately 300 m by 300 m (9 hectares or approx. 22 acres) and, compared to a conventional potash solution mine, it has a reduced impact on the environment through its lack of salt tailings, lack of brine-containing surface ponds, reduced impact to utilities and local infrastructure and reduced water consumption per tonne of product produced. These features are all enabled by Gensource’s innovative selective solution mining and enhanced potash recovery and process techniques.

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