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Empowering Innovation through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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DGTL Holdings Inc. (TSXV:DGTL, OTCQB:DGTHF)  is a technology-focused investment company working to acquire and accelerate a portfolio of fully-commercialized technology companies in emerging spaces. The company is currently pursuing investment opportunities in the artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital advertising industries.

DGTL Holdings’ aim is to establish itself as a global leader in the incubation and acceleration space, with a focus on emerging technologies in digital media and advertising. The online advertising market was valued at US$304 billion in 2019, and is expected to grow to reach US$982.82 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6 percent according to projections by Mordor Intelligence.

The explosion of social media usage and the increasing importance of data analysis on these platforms has helped drive online advertising growth, partially due to the new mediums and advertisement models that have been created to adapt to modern technologies. Within the adtech industry, DGTL Holdings intends to develop a portfolio of acquisitions building on three main pillars of content, distribution and data analytics/measurement. As part of the company’s accelerator services, DGTL Holdings intends to offer recruitment assistance, consulting services, strategic advisement and capitalization to its clients.

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DGTL Holdings’ qualifying transaction, #Hashoff, is an enterprise-level advertising technology company working to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower brands and advertising agencies through content management services including advertising, tracking, analytics and optimization. The #Hashoff platform includes two proprietary solutions: “IAM” and “Create Marketplace” which allow clients to scan, identify, profile, prequalify, geo-locate, connect and command top-ranked social media content creators in real-time.

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Under DGTL Holdings’ leadership, #Hashoff intends to continue to pursue a software-as-a-service (Saas) business model, offering its fully-commercialized technology to top brands by providing them with direct access to over 140 million freelance content creators. The company’s clients will also be offered DGTL Holdings’ full array of accelerator services.

DGTL Holdings’ Company Highlights

  • Working to develop a portfolio of technology companies in emerging markets including adtech, artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Online advertising market valued at US$304 billion in 2019, expected to reach US$982.82 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 21.6 percent
  • Offering accelerator growth services such as consulting, recruitment, strategic advisement, and corporate development
  • Qualifying acquisition, #Hashoff, provides content management services including advertising, tracking, analytics, optimization and more
  • #IAM search platform is capable of indexing over 10 billion pieces of content
  • Create marketplace uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to connect content creators with brands and advertisement companies
  • Approximately 57 million US workers were part of the gig economy in 2018 according to data collected by Upwork
  • Approximately 25.8 million issued and outstanding shares as of June 2020, with over 15 million escrowed or restricted


In April 2020 DGTL Holdings Inc., formerly known as Conscience Capital, finalized the acquisition of Hashoff LLC, providing DGTL Holdings Inc. with its qualifying transaction before being listed on the TSX Venture. #Hashoff is part of the company’s content as a service concept, which aims to incorporate end-to-end creative execution with platform distribution and data analytics services.

#HASHOFF – the future of AI based content marketing from Joel Wright on Vimeo.

#Hashoff’s digital content platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide enhanced content management services including advertising, tracking, analytics and optimization. By enabling brands and advertising agencies, #Hashoff aims to empower the next generation of digital content creators. According to data collected by Upwork, approximately 57 million Americans worked in the gig economy in 2018.

The #Hashoff platform includes two proprietary solutions: “IAM” and “Create Marketplace” which together allow clients to scan, identify, profile, prequalify, geo-locate, connect and command top-ranked social media content creators in real-time.

In order to best serve its core customers on the #Hashoff platform, DGTL Holdings has announced the creation of a new Digital Media Sales and Account Management department. Through #Hashoff, DGTL intends to leverage the new team to guide customers through an assertive growth phase while pursuing various business development opportunities found in key verticals and brand categories.

In September 2020 DGTL Holdings announced it had completed the operational integration of #Hashoff and created a revenue growth program designed to meet the company’s requirements in accordance with the #Hashoff acquisition. Under the share exchange agreement, #Hashoff is required to meet or exceed annual sales revenues of US$ 8,000,000 on or before June 30th, 2023 in order to receive 100 percent of cash payments.

#IAM Search Platform

The #IAM search and discovery platform is a data-driven search platform designed to identify content creators based on signals captured through proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning processes. The #IAM search platform is designed to be able to index over 10 billion pieces of content, providing profile analysis, content scoring, audience analysis, fraud detection, brand safety and taxonomy among other digital services.

#Create Marketplace

The #Create private marketplace is an end-to-end collaboration platform designed to enable content creation by verifying first-party data. The platform combines Facebook’s application programming interface (API) with artificial intelligence and machine learning analysis to enable efficient brand and creator collaborations.

The #Create marketplace also offers a content management system for brands and advertisers to aggregate content, analyze performance and review brand benchmarks. The #Create marketplace aims to provide a fair and transparent marketplace for creators, brands and advertisers alike, connecting all parties through a trusted end-to-end collaboration platform.

DGTL Holdings’ Management Team

Michael Racic, Chief Executive Officer

20 years as an executive in digital media and Adtech, Mr. Racic ran the Media Services group within iCrossing, managing planning, buying, and analytics across all channels. Racic’s background as both a media executive and communications planner with 18+ years in the business, combined with being a programmatic tech expert is the kind of mix essential for valuing the impact of AI solutions in a highly competitive digital media/ AdTech culture. Prior to iCrossing, Mike was SVP, Director of Agency Partnerships and Category Strategy at RocketFuel and EVP of head of global planning and strategy roles with UMand J3. He is a frequent speaker and regularly published across the advertising tech and media space.

Joel Wright, Founder/CEO of #Hashoff LLC

Mr. Wright has over 15 years in digital media and advertising. He is the original Co-CEO and founder of #Hashoff and is responsible for product and business operations for the company. Prior to #Hashoff, Mr. Wright ran the media organization in the Americas for Travelocity, a global leader in the online travel category. He was responsible for over US$100 million in annual revenue. Travelocity’s North American interests were acquired by Expedia (NASDAQ:EXPE) in 2013 and he managed transition of media assets as a part of the agreement. Mr. Wright also had extensive experience in the entertainment industry starting and building the digital practice for leading Hollywood talent agency Paradigm, as well as with large established media companies like Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) and start-ups like Marc Andreessen’s company Ning, Inc. which was acquired by GLAM Media.

Scott Davis, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Davis is a partner of Cross Davis & Company LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, a firm focused on providing accounting and management services for publicly-listed companies. His experience includes CFO positions of several companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. His past experience consists of senior management positions, including four years at Appleby as an Assistant Financial Controller, two years at Davidson & Company LLP Chartered Professional Accountants as an Auditor, and five years with Pacific Opportunity Capital Ltd. as an Accounting Manager. Mr. Davis has extensive public company and capital market experience and currently serves on several public company management teams.

Steve Goldberg, Chief Operations Officer

20 years of recruiting in the Digital Media/AdTech space for more than 23 years. A former executive with firms in Telecom,  Education/Training, and “Big-4” Public Accounting fields. MBA in Finance from New York University and earned his CPA while working for KPMG. Nine years as Chief Financial Officer for JMW Consultants Inc., an International Management Consulting firm, managing financials, filings, budgeting, human resources, legal and technology. Currently Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Media Recruiting Group. Served as Adjunct Professor for NYU-Polytechnic University and is a member of various organizations, including the NYU Stern Entertainment, Media and Technology Alumni Steering Committee.

Charles Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer, #Hashoff LLC

Mr. Thomas has over 35 years in digital media and advertising focused on senior executive development strategy and management of national sales teams. A pioneer in Adtech, Mr. Thomas was one of the very first people to sell internet advertising, starting with Time Inc. in 1995 (later Time-Warner AOL). He has extensive executive experience creating and scaling high growth environments. Mr. Thomas was VP of Ad Sales at Broadcast.com, working for Mark Cuban, and helping to launch one of the most successful IPO’s in history at the time. He also served as Regional Sales Vice President for Yahoo! during its heyday in the 2000s, as well as a Sales Strategy contractor for Facebook and the SVP of Sales for Centro, where he managed a 120 plus person national sales team.

John Belfontaine, Founder

20 years as a serial entrepreneur and corporate development executive for private and publicly traded companies. Founder of Conscience Capital (V.DGTL.P), Founder of Phivida Holdings Inc. (C. VIDA), Founder of CoachellaGro Inc. (acquired by High Hampton Holdings, C. JANE) with former Sen. Majority Leader Richard Polanco (CA), President/CEO and Founder of Alpinemed (ACMPR LP –Stage 6 COR). Founder of Prime Wire Media (corporate development for over 20 publicly traded companies, focus on technology and cannabis/hemp/diversified industries) former Retail Wealth Product Manager, Empire Life Financial, and executive CPG brand program management with several Fortune 100 brands.


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