BioHarvest Sciences: Developing Disruptive Biofarming Technology for the Cannabis Industry

- July 7th, 2020

BioHarvest Sciences (CSE:BHSC) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s technology channel.

BioHarvest Sciences (CSE:BHSC) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s technology channel.

BioHarvest Sciences is a biotechnology company working to advance its biofarming technology in order to serve the international market for natural health and wellness products. The company is developing a wide range of health and wellness products, including foods enriched with active ingredients like antioxidants. The company’s proprietary biofarming technology is capable of naturally-producing the active ingredients of plants such as the cannabis plant without the need to grow the full plant itself.

BioHarvest Sciences has already proven its biofarming technology while targeting the nutraceuticals market with a focus on dietary supplements and functional foods. One of the company’s leading products, VINIA®, is based on red grapes, enabling BioHarvest to offer the clinically-proven functional benefits of red wine through its biofarming process.

BioHarvest Sciences’ company highlights include the following:

  • Over $30 million has been invested in developing BioHarvest Sciences’ biofarming technology
  • BioHarvest’s bio-superfood product VINIA® is designed to support heart health and improve blood circulation by leveraging compounds commonly found in red wine
  • Biofarming technology has the potential to ease bottlenecks in the cannabis industry
  • BioHarvest has already produced six unique cannabinoids in suspension: THC, CBD, THCA, CBDA, CBN and CNC
  • BioHarvest Sciences intends to utilize a B2B business model, supplying its active ingredient products as a powder for repackaging by its clients.
  • The current production capacity of the company’s facility is two tons per year, which the company aims to increase to ten tons per year.
  • Has successfully created cannabis trichomes at the suspension phase
  • BioHarvest Sciences’ seasoned management team has a track record of success

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