YDX Innovation CEO: Combining Virtual Reality, High-end Brand Experiences and eSports

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YDX Innovation CEO Daniel Japiassu shares the reasoning behind the company’s recent rebrand and its plans moving forward in 2019.

YDX Innovation (TSXV:YDX,OTCMKTS:YDRMF,FWB:A2AP0L) CEO Daniel Japiassu has a vision for his company that includes deploying its Arkave VR virtual reality gaming platform across thousands of locations globally and developing strong brand partnerships.

In an interview conducted at this year’s Cantech Investment Conference in Toronto, Japiassu discusses the company’s recent rebrand and how it is tied to YDX’s expansion. He also addresses plans for 2019, which include the deployment of the Game On eSports Festival, a new, interactive format for eSports events.

Below is a transcript of our interview with YDX Innovation CEO Daniel Japiassu. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: Please tell us about the company’s name change and the incorporation of eSports as part of its new focus.

YDX Innovation CEO Daniel Japiassu: The company has been through a very exciting time recently. We rebranded, changing our name from YDreams Global to YDX Innovation, and our ticker symbol is now YDX.

The change stems from the fact that YDreams is an agency delivering high-end brand experiences. As the company is progressing and starting to delve into new ventures and divisions, we saw the need for a holding name. The X in YDX represents multiplication, expansion and exponential growth. We’re very excited for the new possibilities and the projects we are launching to the market.

INN: Please tell our investor audience about some of the recent strategic partnerships and what they mean for the company.

DJ: We have been spending a lot of our time expanding our products, with a particular focus on Arkave VR, our gaming platform. We recently closed a reselling and distribution deal with a partner in the US, and we’re excited to launch the first two arenas in North America. We are also talking to more potential partners in both Canada and the US. It is important for us to find the right ways to sell Arkave VR to thousands of family entertainment centers.

We are also looking into partnerships for a new product called the Game On eSports Festival. This is a gaming tournament with an interactive exhibition. We are talking to many partners to discuss ways of broadcasting the festival, partners that can sell content in the gaming industry and create a big tournament that is fun for the whole family. These partners and brands will help provide the right support.

INN: What other avenues are you looking into for strategic planning in 2019?

DJ: One of our goals for 2019 is to invest in IP licensing. We want to create games with well-known IPs and names that everyone will recognize. It’s important for us, and especially for Arkave, to have the level of recognizability where people can go into a store, see the title and really want to play it. As such, it’s important for us to talk to strong brands that have IP that we can turn into an appealing VR game.

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