Wildflower Brands CEO: We’re Ready for International Expansion

- June 18th, 2019

Wildflower Brands CEO William MacLean talks about the company’s growth over the last four years and its international expansion plans.

Wildflower Brands (CSE:SUN,OTCQB:WLDFF,FWB:RSP) CEO William MacLean believes that his company has laid the foundations for success both domestically and internationally.

Wildflower is a cannabis company focused on developing and designing plant-based products for the global health and wellness markets. The company utilizes an organic growth and holistic business model to bring its brands and products forward in the US, and it is working on expanding its presence domestically and internationally.

In the interview below, MacLean discusses the company’s acquisition of City Cannabis, which is currently generating revenue in British Columbia and is expected to provide capital as Wildflower builds out its operations. City Cannabis also has a consumer database with over 20,000 customers. Wildflower intends to use that information as the company develops new products.


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MacLean also talks about the company’s partnership with Two Towers in Europe and its recently signed distribution agreement in South Africa. According to MacLean, Two Towers secured importation codes for Wildflower two weeks after closing the deal, which speaks to the demand for Wildflower’s products in Europe. He also believes that the interest the company is receiving from emerging markets speaks to the quality of the company’s products and operations.

Finally, Maclean touches on the company’s organic growth over the last four years. Through word of mouth, Wildflower has captured the attention of high-profile individuals and celebrities, leading to its products being sponsored at Kim Kardashian’s baby shower and the Academy Awards.

Below is a transcript of our interview with Wildflower Brands CEO William MacLean. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: What role will City Cannabis play in Wildflower’s domestic distribution across Canada?

Wildflower Brands CEO William MacLean: We acquired City Cannabis to gain access to over 20,000 consumers in their database, not for Canadian distribution. We believe there will be strong synergies as we access that information for future product development.

City Cannabis has been in operation for four years and is generating revenue, which will help us fulfill short-term financial needs as we ramp up our operations. Wildflower is getting ready to explode, not just in the US but globally. We wanted to make sure we were covered for the short and long term, and the synergy between the two companies accomplishes this.

INN: How critical is distribution for Wildflower’s business strategy?

WM: Our focus has always been on distribution. We didn’t start with a lot of promotion and focused on solidifying our foundation as well as developing various revenue streams.

We have a presence in the regulated cannabis market in Washington State, and we’re in wellness stores across the US. We have a strong foothold in the New York and Manhattan markets where we make over US$100,000 per month. We’ve also acquired some distribution companies in California.

We have a diverse distribution network and have captured the interest of newly emerging markets that want to distribute our products. We’ll have a lot of our future revenues coming from these areas as we ramp up our manufacturing operations so we can supply larger retail chains across the US.

INN: What does Wildflower’s distribution agreement in South Africa say about the company’s progress internationally?

WM: It says that we’re being identified as leaders in our industry. The cannabidiol (CBD) market started in the US. Newly emerging markets are looking to the US and are deciding whom they want to partner with. They are buying the products, testing them and looking at the marketing and branding before picking the best ones to launch in their market. Wildflower is consistently being selected.

INN: How do you feel about celebrities like Kim Kardashian embracing Wildflower’s line of CBD products?

WM: We’ve been getting more opportunities to work with celebrities and high-profile individuals. These deals are coming to us organically because the quality of our products speaks for itself. Our products have had a lot of organic growth in the US, and when people find something that they like, they typically want to share it with others.

Our products were at Kim Kardashian’s baby shower and in the Academy Awards gift bags. You’ll be seeing the same thing with the ESPYS and the Golden Globes as well. Saks Fifth Avenue has also picked us for their flagship launch of CBD in Manhattan. We’re getting more recognition in the industry and celebrities are starting to embrace our products.

INN: How does Wildflower plan to leverage its partnership with Two Towers in Europe?

WM: They signed a distribution agreement with us, and two weeks later, they got us importation codes to the EU. The codes open up the market and make it easier to access new member states. Two Towers has been importing pharmaceuticals since 1994 and has the experience and contacts necessary to be successful.

Most importantly, our partnership shows the demand the EU has for our products. We’re getting distribution requests from multiple member states and working on a distribution agreement in Poland.

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