Water Ways Technologies CEO: We’re Aiming to be a Leading Irrigation and Agro-technology Provider

- June 4th, 2019

Water Ways Technologies CEO Ohad Haber provides an overview of the company and its Data Ways irrigation system.

Water Ways Technologies (TSXV:WWT) CEO Ohad Haber believes that his company’s project with the Cronos Group (TSX:CRON) has provided Water Ways Technologies with the experience necessary to become a leading irrigation and agro-technology provider.

In the interview below, Haber provides an overview of the company, which was founded as a way to bring Israel’s irrigation technologies to farmers across the globe. Water Ways Technologies currently has operations in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia, and is looking to establish a presence in North America. To this aim, Water Ways Technologies is in the process of acquiring a Canadian irrigation and agriculture products distributor to help facilitate the growth of the company in North America.

He also talks about the advantages and disadvantages of growing outdoors, indoors and in a greenhouse. According to Haber, greenhouses provide a middle-of-the-road alternative for growers in terms of cost and control of a crop’s growing conditions.

Water Ways Technologies has developed a precise irrigation system that automates labor-intensive and time-consuming processes to help growers make data-driven decisions when irrigating their crops. The technology is expected to help Water Ways Technologies fulfill its project obligations and boost sales.

Below is a transcript of our interview with Water Ways Technologies CEO Ohad Haber. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: Please provide our investor audience an overview of Water Ways Technologies.

Water Ways Technologies CEO Ohab Haber: Water Ways Technologies is a global Israeli agriculture technology company that specializes in providing water irrigation solutions to agricultural producers. The company was founded to address the demand for Israel’s world-renowned and innovative irrigation technologies by making them available to farmers across the globe. We currently have operations in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia, and are rapidly expanding into Canada, China, Uzbekistan and Mexico.

We offer solutions with commercial applications in micro and precision agriculture through component and equipment sales and turnkey agricultural projects. We combine our Data Ways precise irrigation system, project implementation capabilities and accumulated knowledge and experience in agro-tech to deliver solutions to the cannabis industry. Our system and expertise allows licensed producers to obtain the highest-quality products in the most cost-efficient manner.

INN: Please tell us about the company’s Data Ways system.

OH: The Data Ways precise irrigation system allows agricultural operators to make data-driven decisions on how to irrigate their operation by automating labor-intensive and time-consuming processes. Operators can remotely access the data gathering and analytics platform that collects information from various elements of the irrigation system and interfaces them with external sources of data, such as weather forecasts. The technology then provides the grower with real-time actionable insights.

INN: What are the advantages of integrating indoor and greenhouse cultivation facilities?

OH: There are three methods of commercial cultivation used today: open field, greenhouse and indoor facilities. Each method has advantages and disadvantages which are taken into account while designing a project. The preferred method is, of course, determined by the client’s budget, growing conditions, crop requirements and growing method as well as government regulations.

For example, an open field project is very cost efficient — about C$0.40 per square meter — but won’t protect crops from pests, weeds and harsh weather conditions, resulting in decreased yields, damaged crops and inconsistent crop quality. Indoor facilities, on the other hand, let growers have complete control over all growing conditions through various systems that work simultaneously and adapt to the crop’s needs. Indoor facilities, however, replace natural resources, such as sunlight, and have increased costs — about C$400 per square meter — associated with them. They offer consistent yields, increased growing cycles and high-quality products, making the investment worthwhile. Outdoor facilities can produce one growing cycle per year, while indoor facilities can have up to five grow cycles.

Greenhouses provide growers with a middle-of-the-road alternative that costs approximately C$250 per square meter. The structures can range from simple to sophisticated to ensure optimal growth conditions.

INN: What’s next for Water Ways Technologies, and how does that fit into the company’s long-term goals?

OH: We want to establish Water Ways Technologies as a leading global irrigation and agro-technology provider. Our irrigation project with the Cronos Group (TSX:CRON) in Israel has provided us with the necessary experience to fulfill our goal of becoming a major cultivation project vendor that serves the global legal medical cannabis community.

Our acquisition of a Canadian irrigation and agriculture products distributor will help us build a presence in North America and will act as our sales and distribution center. We’re also working on launching our Data Ways technology as we work on our global irrigation projects. The technology will help us implement our projects with its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities and boost sales.

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