SoLVBL Solutions CEO Raymond Pomroy: How Our SaaS Detects Fraud in the Digital World

- May 5th, 2021

“With some very clever cryptography, we invented Q by SoLVBL that seals up your information and makes sure that the data you’re using is what it is meant to be,” Pomroy said.

The global fraud detection and prevention market is expected to grow from US$19.5 billion in 2018 to US$63.5 billion by 2023, and SoLVBL Solutions (CSE:SOLV) is set to benefit from this growth though the company’s proprietary software, which is designed to digitally “stamp” or “seal” data through encryption. 

In the interview above, SolVBL CEO Raymond Pomroy highlights the company’s innovative cybersecurity solution, which secures data that cannot be forged or altered without detection.

“With some very clever cryptography, we invented Q by SoLVBL that seals up your information and makes sure that the data you’re using is what it is meant to be,” Pomroy said. 

“We are not claiming that we can keep bad guys out, but we can detect if they have been malicious. We offer complete confidentiality and complete control of your immutable data through our software as a service, which can process 100 to 150,000 transactions.”

Q by SoLVBL™ allows organizations to establish trust in their data. The company is currently pursuing a chain of custody for digital evidence, including NG-911, data used in the financial sector, medical applications and critical internet of things infrastructures.

SoLVBL Solutions recently applied for a second US patent for adaption and optimization of a well-known algorithm to reduce latency in data stream applications. 

Watch the full interview with SoLVBL Solutions CEO Raymond Pomroy above.

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