James E. Wagner CEO: Technology to Play a Key Role in Cannabis Cultivation

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James E. Wagner CEO Nathan Woodworth believes technology could play an essential role in the future of cannabis cultivation.

James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC) (TSXV:JWCA,OTCQX:JWCAF) CEO Nathan Woodworth joined the Investing News Network to discuss his company’s progress at its second cultivation facility.

The company has begun ramping up production at its latest facility, JWC2, after recently receiving its cultivation license.

According to Woodworth, technological innovations are expected to play a key role in the future of the cannabis and agricultural industries. James E. Wagner utilizes a proprietary dual droplet irrigation system at its cultivation facilities, which enables plants to uptake nutrients more efficiently than traditional irrigation techniques.

James E. Wagner is currently working to offer its GrowthSTORM technology to international cannabis cultivators, giving the company access to new agricultural markets.

Below is a transcript of our interview with James E. Wagner Cultivation CEO Nathan Woodworth. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: Please tell us the name of your company and its ticker symbol.

James E. Wagner CEO Nathan Woodworth: My name is Nathan Woodworth. I’m the president and CEO of James E. Wagner Cultivation. We’re a licensed producer located in Kitchener, Ontario. Our ticker symbol is JWCA.

INN: Can you tell us about the company and some of the recent developments?

NW: Absolutely, these are very exciting times at JWC. We’ve recently received a license for our JWC2 facility. We have begun ramping up production. Harvests are scheduled to begin this coming Monday. So we’re already moving into a much more rapid rate of expansion. And of course, our business is expanding as well. Last week we reached over 100 employees. Very exciting times at JWC.

INN: How have cultivation efforts at JWC2 been progressing?

NW: Efforts have been progressing excellently. We received our license on March 29. Within two days, we had fully populated the facility. Fifty percent of our flowering rooms were full. Two weeks later, we were at full production capacity at that facility, which is why our harvests are scheduled to start just about two months after we took possession of that facility under our license. So we’re firing on all cylinders. Things are moving quickly. We’ve managed to improve on our facility design paradigm, moving from our initial pilot facility to our full-scale facility. So things are operating better than ever. Control is at an all-time high and we’re expecting fantastic results.

INN: Can you tell us more about the GrowthSTORM dual droplet system?

NW: The GrowthSTORM dual droplet system is a unique aeroponic technology. For the first time ever we de-stream our nutrient solution, delivering two different types of nutrient supply in two different droplet sizes. This optimizes the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients from the solution. This has a profound impact on what we do with JWC, allowing us to keep plants healthier, increase yields and increase cannabinoid and terpene counts. In the long run, we feel this technology has the ability to impact the agricultural industry at large, being one of the most advanced forms of agricultural technology in existence.

INN: How important are innovative technologies like GrowthSTORM in the cannabis space?

NW: I think this is a key moment in the history of the cannabis space and technology must play an important role. For years and years, this was an underground industry. People learned to grow without the support that is possible under the legal, regulated regime. Now we have the resources. We have access to research. We have the ability to put together answers to some fundamental questions that will lead us down new avenues and allow us to develop new solutions to some fundamental problems, not just in the production of cannabis, but that exists in agriculture in general. We’re happy to be a part of that. And I do feel that it is going to be a profoundly impactful next five to 10 years in that regard.

INN: What is the company’s international growth strategy?

NW: Internationally, JWC is focused on the licensing of the GrowthSTORM technology. We have the ability to participate in a variety of worldwide markets without dealing personally with the regulatory and logistical difficulty of operating a variety of production facilities around the globe. By supplying the GrowthSTORM system, we can support and empower local growers to perform their best and participate in a shared revenue stream model in that way. This gives us the ability to reach all of the international markets on a much shorter timeline than would otherwise be possible. For instance, we recently shipped out the first batch of equipment to our partner company, Ascendo, in South Africa. So already we are expanding toward significant international presence.

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