Datametrex AI President Jeff Stevens: Developing Fake News Filter for Corporate Audience

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Datametrex AI President Jeff Stevens outlines the services the company offers, including AI-supported data scrubbing and a fake news filter currently under development.

Datametrex AI (TSXV:DM,FWB:D4G) President Jeff Stevens believes there is plenty of market opportunity for the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) data scrubbing solutions that can be applied across multiple industries.

In an interview conducted at this year’s Cantech Investment conference in Toronto, Stevens discussed the company’s current work with the Canadian federal government, where Datametrex AI provides data scrubbing solutions. He also addressed the company’s move into the cannabis space through the upcoming launch of their Canntop AI subsidiary.

Below is a transcript of our interview with Datametrex President Jeff Stevens. It has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Investing News Network: What are the three most important things investor should know about your company?

Datametrex CEO Jeff Stevens: Three things to consider about Datametrex AI are tied to the solutions we provide. We are an AI company and we collect data from social media, which we then scrub clean. We currently provide these solutions to the Canadian federal government and some of its divisions.

When looking at companies, it is important to understand whether they have a track record, a solution that’s in production and revenue. Those are all key things that Datametrex AI already has with our existing solutions. We continue to develop new solutions to add to and complement our current offering.

INN: What one factor makes your company unique?

JS: Part of what makes Datametrex AI unique is the solution we are developing at the moment, which is a fake news filter. This is very timely given the current landscape where you can’t turn on the news without hearing about ‘fake news’.

This can be built into our existing solutions. It allows us to expand beyond our government contracts, reaching both corporate entities and high-net-worth individuals such as artists and athletes. Everyone needs to protect their brand, and this is a solution that could help in that.

INN: What catalysts should investors be on the lookout for?

JS: One of our near-term milestones is our upcoming subsidiary, Canntop AI. Canntop is being developed to focus exclusively on the cannabis sector. We feel there is massive opportunity in that space. There is going to be a tremendous amount of data on social media that needs to be collected, scrubbed and analyzed. This is exactly what our core technology does.

The reason for starting a separate division is that we want to keep our core technology separate from the cannabis industry. We are moving to a more global audience with our government contracts, and we don’t want to jeopardize that by having cannabis embedded into our core DNA. By creating Canntop AI, we are able to take those proven tool sets and move them into a new industry without jeopardizing what we already have with our government clients.

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